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Celebrating Fourth of July…With a park workout!

This is Ryan and my first fourth of July out in Cali…And I can’t say I’ve minded at all!

Fourth of July is one of Ryan’s favorite holidays…Random, I know. But he LOVES warm weather and therefore loves summer holidays. So we always have to do a little something outside.

Last fourth of July was one of our last weeks in Boston. We celebrated with an outdoor workout and some delicious BBQ.

This year, we kept the tradition going with a great outdoor park workout – sprints, monkey bar pull ups and battling ropes.

battling ropes

Ryan willing to make a rare appearance after our workout…and me super sweaty and tired.

Our workout was only 15 minutes, but it was a killer. A great way to kick-start the day!

What’s your favorite quick outdoor workout?

Anyway…Happy Fourth! Go outside and play! Soak up some Vitamin D and de-stress.

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