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I ned food.

Yes that was an intentional spelling mistake. (One of the Cave Kids’ songs is “I need food,” and the demo of this song on our computer is “I ned food.”)

Anyway, stupid joke (that only amused me and maybe Ryan).

BUT really you do actually need food.

AND I think that most of the population thinks about food (and/or consumes it) as often, if not more so, than the male supposedly thinks about sex!

So we are thinking about food a lot then! 😉

And because we are thinking about food all of the time, we tend to have lots of questions about diet.

One of the most interesting diet questions I’ve received recently was “How do you manage to stick to Primal when you are on your period and craving crap?”

I had two different answers for her.

The first one was – sometimes  you just have to indulge. If I’m craving something specific and I just can’t shake the craving, I’m going to indulge. If I don’t, I’ll just end up bingeing on crap at some future date instead of having a controlled cheat.

My second answer was – if I’m not craving anything specific just something sweet/salty/flavorful, I’ll indulge in a Primal cheat. I’ll allow myself some dark chocolate on a day when I wouldn’t usually eat it. Or I’ll eat some cheese and salami, an extra piece of bacon or even some dark chocolate macadamia nut bark if we have some around!

Essentially what I told her to do was listen to her body and “measure” her cravings. Do you really want pizza or do you just want a little extra salt? Do you really want ice cream or would some frozen berries and chocolate suffice?

I find that 90% of the time, I’m super satisfied with just a Primal cheat.

The key here is to not have a ton of non Primal crap around to tempt you, but to keep some extra Primal cheats around when you know it is that time of the month. Having the Primal cheats around will keep you from going in search of something worse!

Anyway, what do you do when you are craving bad food on your period?

(P.S. You Man Bicep Males also need to read this as you are all subject to sympathy cravings! :-P)

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