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The 10 Most Delicious Foods that I can still eat on Primal


Even when I’m being super strict, there are still some delicious foods I look forward to on the weekend that are acceptable on the Primal diet. So if you think dieting = deprivation, you are on the wrong diet! You don’t have to feel like a recluse when you are on a diet!

Here are 10 of my FAVORITE foods that I can still eat on Primal…not necessarily in any particular order…but I do love bacon!

1. BACON – Do I even need to explain why bacon would be on this list? It is the BEST food in the entire world!

2. Macadamia nuts – DELICIOUS! A perfect snack and they are super low (like the lowest of all nuts) in omega-6s! A salt treat that takes away any cravings.

3. Cheese – Cheese honestly makes everything better. I mean blue cheese and bacon is a match made in heaven! And not only can I have cheese in moderation, but I can have the most delicious kind of cheese – full-fat! No crappy, limp, flavorless fat-free cheese for me!

4. Avocados- –  I know these are sort of a weird thing to have on this list, but I LOVE guacamole! Guacamole on bunless burgers or on a steak salad is AMAZING!

5. Dark Chocolate – Now I’m talking serious dark chocolate like over 70% at least! It is delicious especially with some red wine and macadamia nuts. I’m a dessert person and this little bit of sweet always curbs my cravings. 🙂

6. Red wine – One of the hardest parts about being on a diet is the fact like you feel like you can’t go out and eat or drink with friends. On Primal, you can easily enjoy a glass or two of red wine and still be on your diet! No one will even have to know you are being good! 😉

7. Steak – If you don’t like steak….well I just don’t know what to do with you! A fatty, juicy steak is like one of the most delicious things in the world! AND when you order a steak with blue cheese and bacon along with your red wine, no one will know you are on a diet.

8. Butter – Butter makes everything better. Sorry but it does. Enough said. (Oh and get grass-fed butter to get even more omega-3s in your diet!)

9. Cream – This helps you make the most delicious sauces, guacamole AND it is delicious in your coffee…WAY better than stupid, watered-down skim milk!

10. Salami – I think I just LOVE fatty meat. Nothing is better on a Saturday night than drinking wine and eating cheese and salami while watching a great movie!

Hopefully, I’ve made some of you on low-fat diets jealous! 😉

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