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Cali here we come!?!

So on July 18th, Ryan and I will be making a cross-country move from Boston to sunny Southern California.

It’s a big risk –  a big change.

And there have been lots of sad good-byes.

I’m a Midwest girl who came out to Boston for college and stayed. I’ve been out here for seven years and I’ve been at this gym for two of those years.

I have a solid life here. One that is hard to leave behind. One full of clients who I’ve helped become stronger, more empowered individuals and who’ve helped me grow as well.

One full of friends and comfortable places.

One really without much “risk.”


How often do we sacrifice our dreams for stability?

Too often.

But I refuse to do that. And I think this change, this move, will force me to really take a risk and pursue my dreams.

Despite how hard it is to leave the stability, to leave all of my WONDERFUL/EXTRAORDINARY/BEAUTIFUL clients, I know this is a change that I need to help me grow as an individual – to allow me to further pursue my passion for health and fitness.

This change will be good…but I’m freaking nervous as hell. (Sorry for the curse word but well it’s true!)

I’m a planner.

And at this point…I really have no clear plan.

For probably the first time in my life, I have no clear direction. Just a passion that I’m planning to follow.

Could this turn out badly?


But heck…at least I tried!

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