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Thanksgiving – To Indulge Or Not To Indulge…INDULGE

I’m a firm believer in practicing what I preach.

And one thing I believe in is “cheat days/meals” (or whatever you choose to call them).

A day, a meal, to indulge and simply enjoying any foods I want, in any quantities I want.

I especially believe in doing this over the holidays.


While I believe that all too often our social gatherings are centered around food, there are certain holidays where food is part of the tradition and where food is a big part of what truly makes the day special.

So if food is a big part of what makes the day special, why miss out? Why deprive yourself of that once-a-year-meal if it is truly meaningful to you and you really enjoy it?

Because you are trying to be healthy? Because you are trying to lose weight?

There are over 300 other days a year you can worry about that.

Thanksgiving is not the time to start.

But today…This week…BEFORE Thanksgiving…This is a good time to worry about eating well.

Eat clean in preparation.

Eat extra clean so that the day or two of indulgence doesn’t truly have any affect on your progress. Eat extra clean so you feel ready to fully relax and indulge. Eat extra clean to strengthen your resolve to return to your healthy lifestyle after the day or two of enjoyment.

And then on Thanksgiving, STOP WORRYING. One day, even two days, won’t really matter.

Health is a LIFESTYLE! It is about eating well and living well a majority of the time, not every single day.

A couple of days of bad eating won’t matter especially if you eat well before and return to eating well right after.

Actually especially if you return to eating well right after.

So instead of depriving yourself of the Thanksgiving meal you love just don’t indulge for days or even weeks right after or before.

Days like Thanksgiving don’t cause you to gain weight.

Not getting right back on track is what adds up and causes us to truly gain weight.

So if you are searching for tips to help you diet on Thanksgiving or eat clean at holiday parties, you won’t find them here.

Nope…I say eat those stupid holiday cookies at the holiday party.

Just don’t eat them for days and weeks before and/or after the celebration.

If you want to be healthy over the holidays, start eating well today.

Then forget about your healthy lifestyle on Thanksgiving IF you will feel deprived if you don’t indulge. Because deprivation causes way more problems than one day of bad eating.

For me Thanksgiving isn’t a day to diet. Eat well before. Eat well after.

But on Thanksgiving…ENJOY!

Do you do the eat clean “sandwich” aka eat clean before, indulge and eat clean after? Or do you search for tips to help you eat well even on Thanksgiving?

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