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Mind Tricks

So when you tell most people to do some sort of visualization they roll their eyes and think it is kind of stupid and hokey.

It seems like a stupid mind trick…And most people think it won’t work on them.

I, myself, am not the hugest fan of the close my eyes and picture myself doing something type of visualization even though I do realize it can make a difference.

Visualization CAN and has been proven to help improve performance and adherence to goals.

But most people refuse to use it because they think that visualization only means closing their eyes and picturing themselves performing well or doing the workouts or even simply eating well. It doesn’t have to be picturing yourself once you’ve lost the weight or are able to deadlift 300lbs. ­čÖé

Visualization can be done in SO many ways.

All you need to do is create a VISUAL of your success or even simply of your adherence to your program.

For me it is posting the numbers I want to hit at the kettlebell competition somewhere where I can see them every day.

Numbers that mark success, even if it is just the success of hitting a short-term goal, can be great motivation.

For some people a great visual is hanging up the skinny jeans they are trying to fit into again in a place where they can see them all the time.

For others it is putting stones or coins in a jar marking how many pounds they want to lose. Each time they lose a pound, they remove a stone or coin from the jar. Seeing that jar become more and more empty is a motivating visual!

I honestly love visuals. I write out diets on calendars that I hang up. That way I know exactly what I should be eating that day. And every day I stick to it perfectly, it is so satisfying to go cross it off!

It is just so motivating when you feel even the slightest bit down or off to be able to SEE something that reminds you of where you want to be and all of the hard work you’ve been putting in to get there.

When you can see the goal, can see your success, you are going to be way less likely to give up or not work as hard as you can to keep the progress going.

Visualization is simply creating a visual of something that keeps you dedicated. Something that helps you SEE SUCCESS.

It may be a mind trick, but trust me…it can really work.

I mean think about it…Wouldn’t seeing your progress and your goal every day make you want to work just a little harder?

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