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Exercise Morals

So I’ve now been witness to my first pyramid scheme.

I’ve been applying to jobs in Cali and I applied to a “Wellness Coach” position.

It sounded legitimate so I submitted my resume.

A day later I get an email about attending an informational meeting about the position. I emailed the woman right back saying that I couldn’t attend then because I wasn’t yet in Cali, but could I possibly attend one at a future date.

She then told me that I could watch the streaming video of the session.

I started watching the video and about two slides in realized what I had gotten myself into. About four slides in I saw visual evidence that what I had applied to was indeed a pyramid scheme.

At least I didn’t fall for it like Michael! I love The Office!

What got me thinking wasn’t so much the fact that I accidentally applied to a pyramid scheme, but that people actually roped people into SELLING junk like this.

When the woman who set me up with the video called after it was finished, she asked me if I had the three qualities to be successful.

I told her I did have those qualities. I then promptly told her thank you for the opportunity, but no thank you. I told her that my nutritional views are VERY different from what she is promoting.

Pyramid scheme or not, there was no way I could sell a product that I didn’t BELIEVE in!

For me health and fitness isn’t merely a job. It isn’t merely a way to make money.

It is a passion.

I want to EDUCATE. I want to EMPOWER. I want to help people GROW.

I don’t want to trick them into buying some junk just so I can make a few bucks!

Schemes like that are what dilute the health and fitness market and serve to confuse people about what is healthy.

Don’t fall for them. Don’t help promote them.

Don’t fall for the gimmicks.

Eat whole natural foods. Lift heavy weights. Sprint often.

Have you encountered gimmicks like that in your line of work? Would you sacrifice your beliefs to make money?

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