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Workout Toys For Kids…Are they a good thing?

Let’s first acknowledge two facts:

  1. Childhood obesity is an issue.
  2. Kids love to act like their parents and do what their parents do.

My question then is, can you use the second fact to solve the first one?

WOD Toys thinks you can! They’ve created a new line of fitness toys so that children can “work out” like their parents!

I wish my face looked that cute when I snarl!

Is this workout equipment for kids a good thing?

I think so, but at the same time I’m not sure it is really a solution to our childhood obesity epidemic.

The equipment (and the little girl using it) are pretty darn cute! Plus, I can imagine lots of kids loving to lift like their parents do.

For years, companies have made toys that allow kids to mimic their parents.

Mowing the lawn was fun before you realized it was a chore...Although getting an allowance made doing the chore a little more tolerable! 🙂

Now children have a toy that will help make them more active! And the thing is, they won’t think of “working out with their parent” as a chore…to them it will be playing!

And if kids start associating “lifting” with “playing” at a young age, maybe they won’t dread working out as much as they get older?

Some question I have are…How often do most parents workout in front of their kids? Most people here don’t have their kids watching them workout…Are Crossfitters bringing their kids to their workouts?

I mean I used to watch my mom do her workout tapes at home, but how often are parents using a barbell for Olympic lifts at home? How often are most parents even working out at home?

AND are the kids with parents that DO WORKOUT, the ones that are really a part of the obesity epidemic?

My guess is probably not.

So while this equipment may be encouraging kids to be active…Is it encouraging the kids who need it the most? Is it really a solution to the obesity epidemic?

What do you think? Would you buy this for your kids?

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