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Yonanas Recipe – Banana Raspberry Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

My sister got Ryan and I a Yonanas for our wedding….She knows us pretty well!

And while I don’t believe in baking “healthy” desserts with a ton of ingredients that really shouldn’t be consumed that way or in that quantity, I am a fan of SIMPLE, healthy desserts that minimally process the foods they use.

So last night we tried out the Yonanas.

I was nervous to use it because I didn’t want to be disappointed after seeing it turn frozen fruit into very creamy “frozen yogurt” on the TV.

And I must say…The Yonanas didn’t disappoint!

Yesterday was a carb day and I wanted to end it with a nice sweet and healthy treat, especially after our 4 mile walk on the beach.

So we pulled out the frozen banana pieces Ryan had put in the fridge days before and some frozen raspberries and 70% dark chocolate.

Here is our Banana Raspberry Chocolate Chunk Yonanas Ice Cream:

banana raspberry chocolate chunk ice cream

Ingredients for two servings:
2 Bananas (we froze them in quarters for easier use)
1 cup Raspberries (frozen)
4 squares (about 2 oz) 70% dark chocolate bar

Take the frozen ingredients out of the freezer and let thaw for a minute. They work a lot better if not completely frozen solid.

Add one quarter of the banana to the Yonanas with a few of the raspberries and some small chunks of chocolate. Turn on the Yonanas and press the ingredients through.

Continue adding more alternating bananas, raspberries and chocolate until it is all gone. Make sure that as you add the chocolate, you’ve already broken it down into smaller pieces.

After you’ve Yonana-sized it all (my new word for processing all the ingredients), give it one good stir and enjoy.

It literally is the creamy texture of frozen yogurt!

Can’t wait to try out some really fun flavors. Look for a pumpkin and a coffee one coming soon!

Healthy Eating – Keep it interesting

While keeping it simple is key to sticking with a diet and creating healthy habits, keeping things interesting is key to healthy eating longevity.

If you get bored, you are going to give up or give in to temptation.

So while I like to get the same basic groceries week in and week out and I like to make the same basic recipes over and over again, I DO make sure to change things up.

And one of my favorite ways to change thing up is by using new tools!

I love getting a food processor or blender, or pressure cooker…And learning how to use a new tool and create even more delicious meals. (I also love getting new tools so Ryan can create even more delicious meals while I chatter away to him and simply enjoy.)

For our wedding, we asked for a couple of different things….

  • A cast iron stove-top reversible grill/griddle
  • Pressure cooker
  • Yonanas

Today we used the grill/griddle to make some delicious burgers. It’s crazy how burgers can taste so different just by changing the way you cook them!

cast iron grill

I can’t wait to try the pressure cooker and yonanas this weekend!

While I’m not a fan of paleo baked goods or any of that crap, I am in favor of truly healthy SIMPLE treats…like frozen fruit that is made into a frozen yogurt like substance.

So now my question to all of you on this wonderful Friday is…Do you own any of the tools I listed above? And if so, what are your favorite recipes to make using them!?! ¬†Or do you have other tools that you love to use?

Stay tuned for some cool new recipes!!! YUM!

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