Yep you can be skinny and fat.

What does it mean to be skinny-fat? It means that while you may have a low body weight, you also have barely any muscle. Because you lack muscle most of your body composition is made up of fat; therefore, making you skinny fat.

I know lots of women who are skinny-fat not because they have a bad diet (although some do) but because they are afraid to lift weights and instead do chronic cardio, which actually only burns the little muscle they do have. AND the worst part is, these women think they are healthy because they are skinny!


Being skinny doesn’t equate to being healthy. The less muscle you have, the less work your bones do. The less work your bones do, the more likely they are to become fragile!

So could it be that the skinnier you are the more at risk for osteoporosis you become? YEP!

And what can you do to lessen your risk for osteoporosis? LIFT WEIGHTS!

Here are some other reasons to trade in your skinny-fat lifestyle and start lifting.

Are you ready to pump some iron yet?

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