Realizing the benefits

It’s one thing for a client to see her weight dropping when she steps on the scale, and it’s a whole other ballgame when a client realizes how much stronger she feels performing day-to-day life tasks because of her workouts!

Yesterday Lois had that epiphany.

Over the weekend she went to see her granddaughter. She picked her up and carried her. She chased and played with her. She spent almost the whole weekend on her feet – shopping, hiking and playing.

And yesterday while she was warming up for our session, she says to me “It has never been as easy as it was yesterday to pick up my granddaughter. And I had no problem carrying grocery bags up stairs, and I even went for a hike on Sunday and walked faster than I have in a long time!”

The week before Lois had already seen her weight drop 9lbs, but that hadn’t yet convinced her of how much the workouts were helping.

She said she was excited about losing the weight, but felt disappointed that she always felt so out of shape during the workouts. I told her that I was constantly pushing her and challenging her limits, which was why she didn’t necessarily feel like she was doing “better” during the workouts.

I also pointed out to her that she had in fact made great progress during our workouts. She could now hold a full plank for 30 seconds when before she could only hold one from her toes for about 15 seconds. She could now also hold a wall sit for 3 rounds of 30 seconds when before she couldn’t even hold a wall sit for 5 seconds.

She nodded at me, but she said that while that was all wonderful, the first time she truly felt like she was in better shape was this past weekend with her granddaughter.

I can’t help but smile at her statements because I’ve always believed that you workout so that you can enjoy life more.

So what better reason is there to get in a workout today? Start lifting to live a better life!

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