“Just because it’s in a box doesn’t mean it’s not healthy”

Uhm yes it probably does.

Sorry Women’s Health Magazine, but I don’t really agree with your list of “The 125 Best Packaged Foods For Women.”

First off, the “Sweets and Treats.” I love ice cream, but no matter how “low-fat” or “sugar-free” it is, IT ISN’T HEALTHY! Sorry. Save your ice cream for your cheat day and go all out with the full-fat, full-sugar kind.

Secondly, “Cereal and Breads.” No matter how “enriched” a cereal is, it is still just sugary carbs. Eat some fruit or vegetables if you want the vitamins and minerals in your breakfast cereal. And bread…let’s not even get started on bread. You think you are eating whole grains? Take a look at the ingredient list. Strike two Women’s Health Magazine. I’m still looking for the healthy packaged foods.

The third category on the list is “Pasta and Rice.” Even Women’s Health couldn’t make up an excuse as to why packaged rice and pasta is good for you. That is why the list is hidden on the side. Enough said.

This is the first category in which I found something I would actually use! Olive oil! But right after seeing the olive oil, I saw Canola oil. I don’t care how many Omega-3s you put into it, IT STILL ISN’T GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!! CANOLA OIL BAD – END OF STORY! On to the next category.

“Snacks, Crackers and Chips.” So I’m not even going to comment on the crackers and chips. But I was excited to see nuts in this category. Of course they are all flavored or probably cooked in canola oil so I wouldn’t touch them…BUT plain nuts in a package WOULD be good!

Ok…really….”Frozen Meals!?!” I don’t care if the label says “Organic” or “All Natural,” there are still a bazillion other ingredients that are put into that meal to make it taste good? If you want a truly healthy frozen meal, make a meal yourself and freeze it. Otherwise, stick to the fresh stuff. Please.

“Drinks”…..Uhm…drink water? That is a healthy drink. Why isn’t it on the list? Maybe because water isn’t a sugary drink and sugary drinks seem to be the only thing on the magazine’s list.

The next category on their list is “Soups.” I’m sure a couple of these could be decent. Please just read the ingredient list before you purchase them.

So this category worries me a bit…”Fruits and Veggies.” I definitely consume a lot of plain, frozen vegetables and fruits, but the “fruits and veggies” that Women’s Health decide to include on this list…well they look very “if-y.” Fresh is definitely best. And if you get a bag of packaged fruits or vegetables make sure that the fruit or vegetable is the ONLY ingredient on the list.

“Dairy” is the next category on the list. Eggs are good. Added omega-3s are good. But other than the eggs on the list, avoid everything else. Seriously, the rest is crap. If you are going to eat cheese, get the full-fat less processed stuff. And those fake spreadable butter things…death in a dish.

They included chicken nuggets in their “Meat and Seafood” category. Oh…my…god….How are those healthy? Really…please explain. The only redeeming food in this category is potentially the Great Range Bison Pot Roast. My only question is, what is added to it?

So yea…if you pretty much avoid every food listed on Women’s Health Magazine’s 125 Best Packaged Foods, you will probably be following a fairly healthy diet.

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  1. Yup, definitely agree. There are two things that come in packaging that I can’t live without:
    1. Coffee.
    2. Coconut almonds from the farmer’s market. There’s a little honey in there, yeah, but it’s just barely enough to taste (and I’m pretty sugar-sensitive these days).

    I’m pretty sure these fall under the “Addictions” category.

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