Why always “the fastest way?”

And once you start eating again, BOOM! 10lbs gained instantly.

Why are half the fitness articles I see in women’s magazines in someway titled with “The Fastest way to ____________?” Why does it always have to be “the fastest?” Why can’t it be “the BEST?”

I mean who wouldn’t want 6 pack abs in 30 days? I definitely would. But the “quick fix” that will only take you 30 days to get 6 pack abs will then only take you 15 days to put the weight back on. The “quick fix” will fix things quickly and will even more quickly make your situation worse.

So why do people keep seeking out the “quick fix?”


BUT…it isn’t. Bummer!

Yep that is the cold hard truth. Getting a lean, toned, sexy body isn’t easy. Go figure.

BUT there is a way that, with a little patience and dedication (yes, you read that correctly…PATIENCE), you can get a beautiful body. With proper diet and exercise you can reach your perfect body (not the perfect body as seen in magazines, but the perfect body based on your genetics).

What do you have to do to get this perfect body? Well there isn’t one general prescription that works for everyone. Some people have trouble gaining muscle. Some people have trouble leaning down. Some people just can’t stand a low carb diet while others can’t stand living without fatty meats. Because everyone is different, the only way to figure out what truly works for you is by experimenting. That is why I help and encourage my clients to experiment.

Try different diets. Or even read about the diet experiments that others do. Do research about low-fat diets, primal diets, paleo diets, ketosis diets and any other diets out there. By researching different diets and even trying them out for about a month, you will be able to find one you that you can stick to for the long haul. If you want some help finding the right diet for you, post your questions in a comment here, and I’ll help you find answers!

And don’t just experiment with your diet. Also, vary up your workout routine. See what works. Experimenting with your workout routine will keep things interesting. Also, changing things up every 4-8 weeks will help keep you from plateauing. Do rounds of heavier lifting and rounds of lighter weights. Throw in some circuits every once in a while. Mix it up and keep your body guessing! You will get the best results that way!

Remember, doing something that says it will get you “the fastest results” can also mean it will also cause the fastest rebound. Try to be patient with your diet and exercise program. If you remain consistently dedicated to an exercise and diet plan (as long as it is a legit plan), you will see results. Just give it time!

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  1. So true with both diet and exercise

  2. i’m glad to have found a sweet spot for nutrition/fitness: paleo diet + crossfit (which, at my box, entails lots of heavy lifting)

    • I think paleo and crossfit are excellent! Essentially what I’m doing right now is paleo six days a week with one HUGE binge day on Saturday. I also do a combination of crossfit workouts (both actual WODs and then some that I adjust to fit my gym) and power lifting. Last week I did the Filthy 50 as my metcon. That is a good workout. I think my least favorite crossfit workout has been the Small, but that is probably because I had to row and run on the treadmill. Not a fan of rowing or running on the treadmill…..Ok I hate but love rowing, and I just plain old hate the treadmill if I have to run for over a minute on it.

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