Bucket List

So this weekend we are being hit by storms from Hurricane Irene. Right now it is just rainy and windy, but since I have no desire to go out in the mess, Ryan and I have been watching movies.

Last night we watched “The Bucket List.” It was cute and entertaining, and it got me thinking about what I would put on a “fitness” bucket list.

Would I put, “Run a marathon?” Would I want to do a triathlon? I mean those are definitely the most popular “bucket list” fitness things for people to do, but I can’t say I have a great desire to do either.

I hate running, and I really don’t think a sprint triathlon would be challenging enough…not to sound cocky.

So what would I want to do? Below are the things I’ve thought of in no particular order. Some are very random, but whatever!

1. Take fitness photos because I’ve gotten my body fat down and have six-pack abs.

2. Enter a fitness competition.

3. Deadlift 300lbs at least.

4. Enter a crossfit competition.

5. Take a long bike ride across numerous states in the U.S. and see the sights.

6. Be in such great shape that I can do any activity that someone invites me to do. (Yes this is very general, but it would be awesome to feel in shape enough to go do a 2 day bike ride at the drop of a hat if someone asked me to.)

7. Help at least one woman go from never lifting to being able to do every power lifting move with a very respectable amount of weight.

8. Experiment with numerous diet and exercise plans and be able to give advice about what works. (Already started on this one!)

9. Own my own gym where women have to lift!

10. Have Man Bicep become a movement and get 1 million views. haha 🙂

Ok so some of these are silly, but they have definitely gotten me to start thinking about what I really want to get out of my workouts and personal training.

What would you put on your fitness bucket list?



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  1. I like this idea! My goals are kinda similar:
    1. Overhead squat my husband in our wedding photos (I have a year and change…my OHS is not close to where it needs to be, but I have a fantastic coach who knows I’m after this)
    2. Deadlift at least 300 lbs (preferably 350 for triple-bodyweight!!)
    3. Bench press my bodyweight (I suck at pressing)
    4. Compete in a lifting meet of some flavor (Oly or powerlifting)
    5. Run a 5K obstacle course race (I hate running too.)
    6. Snatch and clean my bodyweight
    7. Learn to do gymnastics reasonably well
    8. 50 unbroken double-unders, so I can set the rope on fire (Coach and I have an agreement here.)
    9. Be strong enough to safely move the giant liquid nitrogen dewars without help. (Not the cylinders, those are easy. The dewars are about twice my size.)
    10. All the Crossfit girls as RX’d.

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