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Reflections on the Redefining Strength 1 Year Anniversary

One year ago today, I officially opened my in-person training facility Redefining Strength in Costa Mesa.

redefining strength

I’m not a sappy person, but events like this do get me reflecting on all of the hard work and amazing support I’ve had, not only over the last year, but also throughout the years, to help me get to where I am today.

It has also gotten me thinking about my start in the industry and about my future, and the future of all my endeavors.

Many of you may have noticed Man Bicep hasn’t been updated in FOREVER…Especially considering when I first started, I posted almost every day.

And it saddens me sometimes to think that where I started isn’t as much a part of me anymore.

When I first started Man Bicep, I thought that name was the best thing ever. I thought it would be my brand.

And while Man Bicep is still a name near and dear to my heart, it has to undergo a shift to be a part of my future…A part of the Redefining Strength brand.

So from now on Man Bicep is going to be a great place to find out about all of the happenings going on at Redefining Strength and on my new personal blog.


I will still provide you with great exercise and diet information, it will just be reposted from my new ventures because I don’t fully want to let go of where I started, but I also know that I need to keep moving forward constantly and put my time and energy into the new ventures.

While I owe a lot of my success to what I learned from writing Man Bicep for 3 years before I started Redefining Strength, I also owe a lot to all of the wonderful people who supported me along the journey to this 1 year Anniversary of Redefining Strength.

Because as much as you need to be independent and learn things for yourself, you also need to have a good support network and not be afraid to reach out to others in the industry for advice.

And I’ve been fortunate enough to find support not only in my personal life, but also in the industry.

I could write a whole article thanking my mom and sister for their love and support. For making me the strong independent woman I am today.

I could also write a whole article thanking Ryan for all that he has done to help and support me over the past 8 years because his love and support (and knowledge) have been a huge factor in getting me to where I am today. I could thank him for supporting me when I wanted to make a drastic life change. For supporting me when I wanted to take big risks. For supporting me and loving me while I walked around our house ranting and crying and raving because I was so stressed/excited/scared/overwhelmed by how to proceed. For staying up with me when I needed to crank out work to 2:30 in the morning and then get back up to work more at 6:00 am. Let’s just say, I have a lot to thank him for….(even for making this panorama in photoshop)


But today I don’t so much want to focus on all of the personal support, but the industry support because I think, all too often, people in the fitness industry get too isolated and too fearful to reach out.

They don’t want others stealing their ideas or taking away their business. So they shut down and close themselves off and treat everyone like competition.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. And I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter some amazing people in all facets of the industry.

I had great strength and conditioning coaches in college. Brad and Lauren fueled my passion and got me training and working hard. They really started me down this path, teaching me basic form and expanding my view of fitness.

It’s crazy to me, thinking back now, on how many things I learned from them that I now use. How their coaching styles influenced the coach I’ve become. How their putting up with my sometimes over-emotional self, helped me really grow. So thank you Brad and Lauren for being amazing coaches that helped start me down this path and made my college tennis career a success.

I must also say another huge thank you to Brad because just a month or so ago he reached out to me and told me how proud he was of me. He didn’t have to. But he did because he is a great coach. And it meant the world. Things like that keep you going and even motivate you to work harder.

Next I have to say thank you to the man who gave me my first fitness job – Dave.

And while I say he gave me my first job, he did so much more than that.

Dave took a chance on someone with no experience. He gave me my start. And then he allowed me to work in almost every area of the fitness industry. For Dave, I worked as a Customer Service Rep then he took a chance on me and made me Sales Manager.

He recognized my potential and quickly then promoted me to Assistance Manger of the club.

And when I said I wanted to get certified to train. He told me he’d let me train if I got certified. He taught and encouraged me.

And he constantly pushed me to go outside my comfort zone.

Before I was officially training, we had a Cycling instructor no-show and I showed a little interest in teaching. I’d only take Cycling a few times, but Dave told me to jump in and try teaching.

I was nervous but I did it. And honestly, the rest is history. From then on I was ready to coach. I started teaching classes and even subbed for teachers with classes I’d never taught before (I can say though I’m not a very good yoga or pilates teacher…I’m more drill sergeant than calm relaxing instructor.)

But the fact is he got me learning. He promoted my passion and encouraged me to love working. To see my job as more than a job.

And Dave helped me grow up…A LOT. (Although I’m not sure that is the proper picture to put after that statement haha)

dave and me

I’m a very passionate person, which can be a great thing. However, for me passion can also be a double-edged sword.

That also means I can take things very personally and sometimes overreact. I’ve gotten better but am still far from perfect. But I realized this flaw and started working through it because of Dave.

Not many bosses would put up with you yelling back at them about a management issue or becoming overly passionate at work. Not many bosses would then calmly take you into their office and sit you down and discuss how you really need to handle things.

Most bosses wouldn’t take the time to teach you. Or to help you grow so that you could at some point take their job. Dave recognized talent and knew what it took to keep good employees…That is what makes him a great boss and a very successful person.

And I’m sorry to say most bosses aren’t like Dave. But if you happen to be lucky enough to work for someone like Dave, make sure you take advantage.

Dave helped me grow and I credit my ability to do 50 things at once and handle them with passion, but less over-emotional reactions because of Dave. So thank you Dave!

At the same time I worked for Dave, I worked for a company called Bodyscapes Fitness which is owned by Rob and Alan.

I only worked for BodyScapes for one year after they acquired the gym I worked at from another large company.

But when I was thinking about opening up Redefining Strength, I reached out to Alan. I honestly didn’t expect him to respond. He owned a huge chain of gyms and I had barely worked for them.

Why would he respond!?!

But he did…Almost immediately. And he answered all of my questions. And went above and beyond.

Here was this guy who could have blown me off and it would never have affected him. But he took the time to respond and help and offer advice.

It is rare to find such wonderful and helpful people. People who will help you out even though it doesn’t benefit them at all.

Alan inspired me. He showed me the type of person I wanted to be if anyone came to me asking for advice or help.

It’s funny because the other day I had a client mention that a friend’s daughter was interested in getting in to training. I told her to give the daughter my number and email and that I would answer any questions she had and even meet with her.

She responded back asking me what I would charge and then why I wouldn’t charge the girl.

And it made me think back to Alan helping me.

It’s because we are passionate about what we do. Because we can see potential in other people and want them to succeed.

So thank you Alan!

I would also like to say a big thank you to three trainers out here in Cali who treated me like a friend after meeting me once…who offered advice even when they barely knew me – Eric, Rik and Melody.

I met these three at a Steel, Stone and Sugar workshop they ran at Eric’s gym in Long Beach – Long Beach Kettlebell Club.

Not only did I grow as a trainer from working with them at that workshop, but from that one workshop, I made connections with people who have supported me over the past year.

When I was looking for a little advice about equipment and studio stuff, I messaged Melody. She had met me ONCE and she responded instantly and gave me great advice. She didn’t hold back afraid I would take her secrets. Instead she went above and beyond.

And Eric and Rik did the same. They both even came out to celebrate my success opening the gym by even attending the Grand Opening. They came out to support me, which had no benefit for them.

rik and eric

They are super passionate and great trainers and business owners and they came out to celebrate the opening of my small place. To support a fellow trainer.

And from that, a great friendship has grown. Eric has come and trained with me to support my business. And I couldn’t be happier to go watch him and his success at the Kettlebell competitions (not only his personal success competing, but also the success of all of his athletes).

Those three are great people with a passion for fitness that want to share that passion with everyone. They don’t hold back secrets afraid you’re going to steal from them. They are open and kind and that is truly what makes them not only wonderful, but so successful.

So thank you Eric, Melody and Rik. You three are amazing.

Ok so I know I’ve rambled on and I could say thank you to a bazillion more people…

I could thank Bobbi, a fellow badass female trainer who puts up with my busy schedule and meets with me so I can ramble and sort out new programs and ideas. Thank you Bobbi!

I could thank Nick, a trainer I worked with at BodyScapes, for telling me I wasn’t horrible and that I would learn (yes, there was a point when I was insecure…Seems like a different lifetime, but…haha). Nick taught me one of the most valuable lessons I would learn…That there are a ton of opinions in the fitness industry and that someone is always going to think you are wrong. True and something you have to realize and just pick the research and methodology you feel is best.

I could also thank, Max Shank…Your workshop made me a more thoughtful trainer and shifted my thinking about fitness and play.

I could even thank Charlotte and Caitlin, although not fitness industry per say, they were two bloggers that played a huge roll in the development of my online business. So thank you two strong ladies!

Anyway, I will ramble on if I don’t cut myself off.

But one final thank you…A thank you to all of my clients who inspire me every single day. I do this because of you. I love what I do because of you.

You all help me grow and learn and keep me coming back for more. I sincerely love you all and would give you all hugs expect I hate hugs.


So to end this slightly sappy, but hopefully also slightly informative post, I would like to say thank you. Thank you all for making this first year of Redefining Strength more successful than I could have ever imagined or hoped for.

I foresee great things ahead and can’t wait to see what my reflection looks like on 7/1/2016!

Are you ready to take a small step forward?

With a New Year, we start to consider all the things we would like to accomplish – all the drastic changes we would like to make.

We set these lofty goals and dream of all the things we can accomplish. Yet rarely do we actually breakdown our goals into achievable pieces and PLAN out how we are going to get there.

We seem to set New Year’s Resolutions with no actual plan to accomplish them.

And you may be thinking to yourself, “No…I always want to accomplish my New Years Resolutions.”

But stop and think about how often you actually consider HOW you are going to accomplish those goals. Usually you don’t. You just state or write down WHAT you want to accomplish and never really go any further than that.

Yes. You may be motivated and really want to reach your goals. But you aren’t setting yourself up to actually follow through if you don’t PLAN.

So on this first day of 2015 take time to not only write down your Resolutions, but also write down how you plan to accomplish them.

And break those plans down into bite-sized pieces. Give yourself SMALL STEPS you can take right away.

Don’t leave yourself with a huge goal that you don’t know how to start – that may even seem so daunting that you don’t know where to start so end up never moving forward.

Break it down and give yourself small manageable tasks to do that will add up to big results and help you get the momentum going.

Remember, even a small step forward is a step forward. And consistent progress in the right direction adds up!

So write down your New Year’s Resolutions and PLAN out how you will reach those goals.

Happy New Year and what small step forward are you planning to take in 2015 to achieve your Resolutions!?!

A Ton Of New Exercises To Try

Here is another round up of some of the posts I’ve done on Redefining Strength. Some of these are MUST-DO MOVES while others are just some fun exercises to include to mix up your workouts in the New Year.

1. A Suspension Trainer is a great piece of home/travel workout equipment if you are willing to spend a bit more money. My personal favorite is the Jungle Gym XT because of the individual straps and nice foot cradle. Here are 10 Upper Body Suspension Trainer Moves.


2. Have you ever used the Landmine? The Landmine is an often underutilized tool at the gym, but a great way to strengthen your entire core. Try these 13 Landmine Moves and get in a great full-body workout using the Landmine at your gym!


3. The PLANK. The Plank is a great exercise to strengthen your core after sitting at a desk all day. It is a must-do move if you suffer from low back pain. However, while the Plank looks easy, there is actually a lot of “form” involved in getting the most out of this move. Check out this post on Plank Form (and some fun variations!).


4. Want to make your workouts more fun? Maybe you should try including Monkey Bar Exercises in your routine. Plus they are a great way to get in a workout while spending some time in the sun. Try these 9 Monkey Bar Moves and strengthen your grip, back, lats and core!


5. If you are taking on the December Glute Challenge, you may want to try some of these fun Glute Bridge Variations. Even if you aren’t doing the challenge, you need to include a few of these Bridges in your workout routine. Bridges are a great way to counteract the effects of sitting all day at a desk. They activate your glutes and open up your hips! Check out these 20 Glute Bridge Variations.


6. If you want to become more coordinated and move better in every day life, you need to improve your mind-body connection. And you can improve your mind-body connection through Agility Ladder Drills. Agility Ladder Drills force you to learn a new movement and do it as quickly as possible. Learning a new movement and then forcing yourself to repeat it as quickly as possible improves your mind-body connection. It teaches your mind to recruit the proper muscles as quickly as possible, which helps you not only move well but also react quickly – both of which are important to moving better in every day life! Try these 30 Agility Ladder Drills!


A 30-Day Challenge Your Butt Will Thank You For

A small, easy, simple change can build toward HUGE results.

It’s because a small change has a low barrier to entry. It can get you started. And as you make it a habit and see even just the smallest result, that small change can transform your mindset and attitude.

And if your attitude changes, your actions will change as well. So that one little change can not only create results itself, but it can lead to huge changes in behavior and huge results.

That is why for December I want to do a 50 Glute Bridge Challenge.


Every day for the month of December, I want everyone to do 50 Glute Bridges..Any type of bridge that you want. (And yes…I do realize there are 31 days in December and am calling this a 30 Day Challenge…)

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or even super tough. Just something to get the butt cheeks activated and help open up the hips.

Heck even a two-legged, bodyweight bridge from the ground can benefit us all.

No this quick 1 minute workout won’t burn a bazillion calories. No this won’t completely alleviate all your low back, hip and knee aches and pains.

But it is a start.

And you may find that when you get down and give 50 Glute Bridges, you also take a second to stretch….Oh and maybe roll out.

And then maybe the 50 Bridges turns into some planks or sit ups too…because what the hey…you’re down on the ground already anyway….

The point is, 50 Glute Bridges every day is EASILY doable for EVERYONE. And it is a step in the right direction.

Plus it gets you thinking about moving – about doing the right things. And even a little bit of movement can make you feel better.

I firmly believe too that movement breeds more movement. Just getting up to do the 50 Bridges will make you want to move more and will lead to bigger changes.

So I encourage all of you to join us this December and take on the 50 Glute Bridge Challenge. You can do any variation you want and even have fun making up some of your own.


For a few posts about Glute Bridges to give you some variations to try, check out the articles below.

I hope you all join us and get ready to enter this New Year a little more active! Because even the smallest of changes can lead to BIG results!

(Shoot you may even find you want to work toward using heavier and heavier weight on those Glute Bridges as you progress through the month, which will really have some huge results!)


Be Creative – Figure Out Ways To Challenge Yourself

I consider myself very lucky to get to work with people with all different fitness levels, experiences and goals. Because of the online training I do, I also get to work with people in many different locations with access to different equipment than I may have in my gym.

Therefore I constantly have to think of new ways to work the body and challenge people.

And that is AMAZING. Because all too often we get stuck doing things ONE WAY.

Same exercises. Same way of making them harder. Same rep ranges. Same set ranges. Same rest. Same tempos. Same same same same same!

And that isn’t a bad thing. You don’t have to go crazy or try every newfangled thing that comes out.

But as trainers, we constantly have to be thinking and adjusting to make things work for all sorts of people in all sorts of situations. (Or if you travel a lot and work out in different places or with limited equipment this may just help you too.)

Which is why I was excited when I got into a discussion with one of the trainers I mentor about making glute bridges more challenging when she only has very light weights.

So I asked her…How can you make the glute bridge more challenging if the weight you have is no longer difficult for the client?

She looked at me and said, “Add more reps?”

And I agreed that was potentially an option. Increasing or reducing the volume is a valid way to mix up workouts.

But I said, “What else?”

I knew she knew more options, but so often we get stuck thinking about the problem in the same way….Which is exactly what happened to this bright and wonderful trainer.

She was so used to having a full gym with plenty of weights to make her weighted glute bridges more challenging that she didn’t really think about how else to progress the movement.

So I told her to think about different variations of the bridge to make the light weight or the basic bridge more challenging for her client…

Here is the list we then came up with to make a Weighted Glute Bridge (with too light a weight or even no weight) more challenging:


  1. Single leg without weight from the ground.
  2. Single leg with the weight.
  3. Single leg without the weight off the box.
  4. Thruster with your back on the box.
  5. Thruster with weight.
  6. Thruster, single leg without weight.
  7. Thruster, single leg with weight
  8. Thruster with feet raised.
  9. Thruster, single leg with feet raised.
  10. Thruster with feet raised with weight
  11. Thruster, single leg with feet raised with weight (although being very careful)
  12. Change up tempo.
  13. Slow down the bridge up.
  14. Slow down the hold at the top.
  15. Slow down the lower back down.
  16. Slow down all three pieces. Or just one or two. Or use different tempos on each. Maybe do explosive up, hold at the top and slow down.
  17. Pulse at the top or bridge up, lower halfway down, then back up then all the way down.
  18. Try shorter rest between sets so she can’t fully recover and the weight is more challenging.
  19. Place her feet on an unstable surface.
  20. Add in other equipment…If you have towels or sliders, try using those for a bridge and curl with or without the weight…

And we could have gone on. (For instance, we could have even added in all the other bridge variations out there….)

Like these three variations for instance...Like these? Check out my Glute Training 101 Course with 50 Exercise Variations!

Like these three variations for instance…Like these? Check out my Glute Training 101 Course with 50 Exercise Variations!

And while some of those had weight, they were meant to use the weight she had on hand. They were variations she could do with the client based on what she had access to.

She didn’t need to skip the exercise, especially since glute bridges are ESSENTIAL. She just had to find another way to make it challenging without our normal go to of “add more weight.”

Same goes for so many of the basic moves we do. All too often we think “add weight” or “do more.” But those aren’t the only ways to add variety to our workouts or challenge ourselves…Especially when we don’t have more time or access to weights.

Don’t have heavy weights but love deadlifts? Try a single leg deadlift! You will need lighter weights than with a bilateral movement.

Weights still too light? Or maybe you don’t have any weights at all. SLOW DOWN THE TEMPO. Try hinging over toward the ground for a five count and then quickly coming back to the top. OR try a slow lower over and then an explosive movement back up with even a jump off the ground as you come back up (aka a single deadlift hop).

OR try only loading down one side to make the movement more unstable.

Or try doing as many reps as possible in a set amount of time and then rest very briefly before repeating. Shorting the rest period gives muscles less time to recover meaning they are already fatigued when we begin again….Which can be good if we aren’t going for a one rep max or even trying to increase weight each round.

Sometimes even how you pair exercises together can make an easier exercise more challenging because you can then use that movement as a way to “burn out” the muscle after it is already fatigued.

Also, traditional weights aren’t the only pieces of equipment that make exercises more challenging. A homemade slosh pipe or even a milk jug filled with water can be great unstable weights.

Or if you are traveling and need a way to make exercises more challenging (with something you can fit in your suitcase), suspension trainers, resistance bands, mini bands, sliders/towels/valslides are all easy transportable pieces of equipment to make exercises more challenging.

Anyway, the point is, you don’t need a barbell or dumbbells to make exercises more challenging. Heck, you don’t even need equipment truly (although it can make things more fun).

All you need to do is BE CREATIVE! Explore other options. Change up other exercise variables…that is besides just reps or weights!

More Posts….

So just to catch you up on some of the posts from Redefining Strength….

1. Burpees – We all love to hate them, but they are a great full-body cardio exercise you can do anywhere. Here are 10 Burpee Variations to try. And if you need a really quick workout option, try to do 50 burpees as fast as you can. Now there is a great workout in under 5 minutes!


2. Travel Workouts – Staying in shape while traveling can be difficult, especially when you are busy and don’t have access to the equipment you usually use. That is why it is important to have equipment you can easily bring with you and use in your hotel room. Here are three great tools, 30 exercises and a quick 15-minute workout to help you stay in shape while traveling!

travel workout total valgym

3. The Kettlebell Swing – Crossfit has made the American Swing super popular. But personal I HATE the American Swing. I think it is pointless and dangerous and I will never teach it. Sorry Crossfit. You have many good points but the American Swing is not one of them.


So if you want a beneficial kettlebell swing exercise to truly target your glutes, you need to learn the traditional swing. This hip hinge movement is one of the best to get your glutes activated and help you develop strength and power. Check out this post on how to do the kettlebell swing and basic variations.

4. WORK YOUR CORE – And no…I don’t mean do crunches. I wrote two different posts on core exercises using two different pieces of equipment – the suspension trainer and the sandbag – because working your core is important to become stronger, faster and prevent/alleviate pain and injury.

However, working your core isn’t as simple as doing crunches – it means working everything from your shoulders to your knees down your frontside AND your backside.

That is why these exercises are so wonderful.



What are your favorite burpee variations and core exercises? Are you a fan of the American Swing? How do you stay in shape while traveling?

Compound Exercises

One of my clients said to me today, “You don’t believe in doing any easy exercises do you?”

Which made me ask, “What do you mean?”

She said, “You know…like curls or any non-complex moves…”

And I had to smile, because, no, I don’t really believe in doing isolation movements very often.

I want to get the most out of the time I have – and to get the most out of a shorter amount of time, you need to do COMPOUND MOVEMENTS.

Honestly I don’t believe you ever need to do isolation exercises unless you are a body builder, fitness model or someone rehabbing an injury.

They simply aren’t that functional. They don’t work numerous muscles at once. They don’t burn as many calories. And generally they are focused on smaller muscles that just simply don’t give you that much bang for your buck or even need to be worked that often or intensely.

That being said, I do believe in isolating your glutes more, but that gives you  A LOT of bang for your buck and even when “isolating” your glutes often other muscles in your legs do assist.

I mean think about it….When you work your chest most of the moves also work your triceps and shoulders. So why do tricep extensions when you can work a big muscle group like your chest while ALSO hitting your triceps AND your shoulders?

Or take for instance the push up…You can work your chest, shoulders, triceps, abs, quads and even your glutes WITH ONE MOVE. Would you really rather do a tricep extension and just work your tricep?


Same goes for bicep curls.

Why do bicep curls when you work your biceps with basically every back exercise? And compound back movements like the Inverted Row hit the BIG muscles of your back to also improve your posture and prevent/alleviate neck, shoulder and upper back pain?!?

inverted row

Hmm just work your biceps or work numerous muscles at once to make lots of muscles stronger while burning more fat and helping to alleviate aches and pains….

Tough decision right?!?

Also…too many people complain they don’t have time to workout.

But it isn’t that they don’t have time to workout, they just don’t have time to do some of the bodybuilding routines shown in some fitness magazines.

When working out you have to consider your goals AND the time you have.

And probably 90% of the time COMPOUND EXERCISES are the answer.

But wait…What if I want to tone this one specific trouble zone?

Uhm…well you can’t spot reduce for one so you would be better off doing a compound exercise that burns more fat and still works the muscle.

Yup…Compound movements are STILL the answer.

Are you using your workout time wisely and doing exercises that will give you the most bang for your buck?

(Another good question to consider when picking compound exercise variations and weights (and a post for another day) is, “Are you getting the most out of your workouts by actually CHALLENGING yourself?”

Practice What You Preach

Recently I’ve seen a ton of crazy hard workouts trainers have given their clients that they themselves could NEVER finish.

And it always irks me.

Because for one, I believe you should never ask someone to do something you can’t do and two, it gives people the perception that if they aren’t absolutely completely destroyed at the end of the workout it wasn’t hard enough (even if that isn’t how the trainer trains him or herself).

I’ve also overheard a lot of people recently preaching different healthy eating strategies when they, themselves, don’t eat clean and follow their own advice.


Practice what you preach!!!

Especially as trainers we need to practice what we preach.

And that doesn’t mean you have to look a certain way or lift a certain amount to be a good trainer. But it does mean that we shouldn’t ask our clients to do things we can’t and have never done before ourselves.

If you don’t make time for working out with your busy schedule, how can you ask your clients to?

If you don’t make time for meal prep and have never logged your food in a fitness app, how can you ask your clients to?

You can’t. Because you don’t know how difficult it is to do those things or how to overcome the excuses.

You don’t know what it truly takes so how can you help them stay motivated and moving forward.

Sure…You can say the things you’ve read, but you’ve never experienced what they are going through.

Same goes for the workouts we write up.

Yes, we know what muscles are being worked by an exercise. Yes we know reps and sets and rest periods and how they all technically affect us.

But have you ever realized that while certain exercises seem like a good idea together, they end up being complete murder…Even though TECHNICALLY they fit the “mold” or design?

And you wouldn’t know that if you didn’t try them together.

No…You may not be able to try every workout you write up (although it wouldn’t be a bad idea to run through as many as you can), but you should have experienced and experimented enough with different exercises and designs that any routine you throw someones way you know you could complete…Complete at the toughest possible variation.

Ok. So some of you right now may be thinking, but I have some clients that can lift more than me/do more pull ups or push ups.

And I’m not saying that you can’t have them do more challenging variations or lift more weight.

But I do ask you to have challenged yourself as much as they will have to. And to have tried the variations (or even modifications of them) to know how they will affect the person.

We need to practice what we preach.

Because how can you ask someone to do something you wouldn’t or couldn’t do?

A couple of posts in case you missed them…

Just wanted to share 5 posts I’ve written over the last month that I feel are super helpful. Enjoy!

1. PULL UPS – Want to do one learn how to do a Pull Up? Try these pull up variations and supplemental exercises!


2. Travel Workouts – When we travel it can be hard to workout. The RipFit Trainer may be a tool you want to get if you are a frequent traveler. Here are 20 great exercises you can do when you travel for a full body workout. You can do them in your hotel room…or even at home!


3. To be healthier, you need to move more during the day. A great way to move more each day is with stretches and exercises you can do at your desk. Try these 10 Desk Exercises.


4. If you are a runner, cycler or simply sit at a desk all day, you may want to try these 10 Lower Body Foam Rolling Moves.


5. The Pelvic Tilt – If you have LOW BACK PAIN, or WANT STRONGER ABS, you need to do the PELVIC TILT! No if, ands or buts about it!


Take Responsibility And Want It For Yourself

I’ve had to deal with this a lot as a trainer…I’ve had to deal with seeing the potential in someone, in investing a ton of time and energy into helping them succeed, only to see them fail because they didn’t truly want it for themselves.

Because no matter how hard I encourage, how many of the tools I give them, success boils down to one thing – How bad do YOU want it for YOURSELF?

Are you ready to take responsibility for your actions and make things happen?

Because no one else can want it for you. No one else can get you there.

No one else can help you stay on track or cause you to fall off.

You are completely in control whether or not you believe it…whether or not you want to take responsibility for the fact that only you can want and achieve your goals.

Taking responsibility is knowing that whether you succeed or fail is ALL UP TO YOU.

But it is hard to take responsibility because that means it is your fault if you fail.

It is way easier to blame external factors and make up excuses than it is to take responsibility and work hard for results.

It is way easier not to hold yourself accountable and to believe that things weren’t within your control.

The simple truth though is – YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR FATE.

Yea…Shit happens…But if you want something, you will find a way. If you fail, you will hold yourself accountable, take a look at your actions and make changes.

Because even though you can’t control everything or even plan for half of the stuff that happens, you can take responsibility for your actions and your reactions to life.

You can hold yourself responsible for how you handle situations and pick yourself up after you fall.

Success isn’t about perfection. It is about learning and growing and constantly improving. But to learn, grow and improve, you must believe you are in control. You must hold yourself accountable for the actions you take and the results, both good and bad, that occur.

Only you can truly make things happen for yourself.

It isn’t luck that makes people successful…It is freaking hard work and taking responsibility for their lives that makes them successful.

As they say….

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