Can you make yourself love working out?

Sometimes (with a strong lean toward “no”).

Yep only sometimes. Some people just don’t like exercise. They just don’t like sweating or pushing themselves or being uncomfortable. Some people just don’t enjoy it and never will.

BUT you can be motivated to keep coming back for more!

Most of the articles you read about getting motivated to workout tell you to find a type of exercise that you do enjoy…Zumba, weight training, walking, tennis…But what if you just don’t enjoy any type of physical activity enough to do it as exercise? And there are people out there who don’t “like” any form of exercise!

What I tell clients is to find a way to make the idea of working out more palatable.

Like with running for me. I just don’t enjoy running long distances…especially on the treadmill. I just get too bored. BUT if I run with someone and even chat, I find the activity way more fun. I still don’t like running, but I do LOVE talking (just ask Candy…or Brian.) The companionship of running with someone gets me to run.

Lois admitted to me the other day that she just doesn’t like to sweat. But she keeps coming back for more each and every week. I don’t think it is because she has fallen in love with working out (although I do think she enjoys rowing), but I think it is because she and I have developed a relationship. She pushes herself to go to the gym because she logically knows it is good for her and she keeps coming back because she enjoys spending time with someone she considers a “friend.”

I think one of my new clients Maxima is the same way. She enjoys the banter we have during the workouts. It makes exercise something she can tolerate even though she has admitted to me on numerous occasions that she just doesn’t like working out!

So don’t give up if there isn’t a type of exercise that you like. That isn’t an excuse to not workout!!!!

Here are 5 ways to make the idea of exercise more fun!! They are in no particular order.

1. Buy yourself some cute clothes that you want to show off at the gym. And if you keep to a routine all month, reward yourself with a new outfit.

2. Work with a trainer! Not only will they create a program for you, but they will also provide you with entertainment during your workout. Especially if you work with me or Brian…we can be pretty big goofballs.

3. Workout with a friend. If you don’t have a friend, pay a trainer to be yours for the hour.

4. Try a class and make some friends. Think of classes as a time to meet people and make friends. It will make the class more fun!

5. Experiment. Make working out a game. Try all of the workouts in the fitness magazines. See what seems to be the hardest or the best or the most torturous. Then maybe start a blog about it! 😛

There seems to be one great way to make exercising something you don’t dread…make it a social activity!!! 🙂

How do you make exercising fun?

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