Do I nauseate you?

The answer seems to be…yes.

Candy told me last night that the workout I designed (which ended with Medball Burpee Slams and Sumo Deadlift High Pulls) made her want to barf.

This morning a new client also told me that she felt nauseated. She said she’d never felt like that before during a workout.

So what is it about me and my workouts that make people want to barf?

The workouts are fast paced. The workouts cram as much stuff into as short a time as possible. You usually have very little rest. And I try to incorporate as many full-body exercises as possible so that I fatigue each and every muscle as much as possible. I also love to push you by adding in challenging weights. And I try to add in burpees as often as possible (or as one of my clients calls them…barfies).

Plus I’m always looking to add in more reps and sets than you would normal push yourself to do.

So that is how I make people want to barf. Because I push them to do way more than they would usually do. I force them to challenge their bodies. And because their bodies aren’t used to the challenge (or in Candy and my case because we push ourselves to the point of no return), they feel like they are going to barf…or at least they get light-headed.

Do I take pride in making people want to barf? No…unless it is Candy or me. But I do take pride in the fact that I force people to work hard and even make them enjoy the challenge….at least I figure they like the challenge since they keep purchasing more sessions….

Does all of this make me and anyone else that loves working out till they feel sick a little sadistic? Yes, probably so.




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  1. I love that “i’ve worked so hard I feel sick” feeling myself….and love to cause it during my spin classes. It is a badge of honor for an instructor;)

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