I CAN’T eat healthy because…

One of the most frequent excuses I hear is that my clients can’t eat well because they don’t have the time to cook (or don’t enjoy doing it).

AND I always laugh at that statement. BECAUSE IT IS FALSE!

No matter how busy you are, you can always find time to eat healthily.

You can pre-cook a ton of meat on Sunday. I find it super easy to bake a full chicken on Sunday and eat that for lunch throughout the week. You can make salads with the pre-cooked meat or throw it in with some vegetables. You can make a ton of different sauces ahead of time even to throw on your dishes!

You can also make big casseroles, which will last you a few days.

AND if you don’t even have the energy to throw a ton of meat in the oven and let it sit, you can use a CROCK POT! Yep…a crock pot is the lazy Primal eater’s best friend!

You can throw meat in it with some liquid and veggies and leave it while you watch TV or head out to do errands. You can cook a huge amount of food for the week ahead of time or make fresh meals every day. To have FRESH meals every day, just load in the meat and such before you leave for work. It will be cooked and ready to eat by the time you get home!

A crock pot is about as easy as it gets!

So no more excuses about how cooking takes up too much time or that you don’t enjoy it! A crock pot makes cooking so quick and easy that no matter how much you hate cooking you can stomach this.

AND don’t try to make up some excuse about how you don’t have any recipes! There are tons of blogs out there with daily recipes AND one of my personal favorites is Ryan’s – The Grok Pot.

Yes the end of this is a shameless push for you to check out Ryan’s new blog. Also, it is a perfect description of what I eat on a daily basis. 🙂

We are both super excited about our new crock pot!!!


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