Top 10 Stupid Fitness Myths

Here are the Top 10 Fitness Myths that Man Bicep hates!

A sexy, weight lifting woman! Jamie Eason ROCKS!

  1. Lifting heavy weights will make women bulk up. Uhm..if you’ve read one post on this site, I hope you don’t believe this any more. Weight lifting won’t make women look bulky unless they are taking steroids! Weight lifting will actually make women look more toned since muscle takes up less space than fat (so you can actually look smaller and trimmer if you have muscle!). Weight lifting also has a ton of health benefits such as stronger bones so don’t skip it!
  2. Cardio is better for weight loss. NOPE! I just posted a great article about this AND Brian is a great testament to the fact that you can lose more weight and look fitter if you just do weight lifting! Brian has lost 12 pounds over the last 3 1/2 weeks doing absolutely NO cardio! (P.S. Congrats Brian!)
  3. Taking in fewer calories than you expend (calories in vs. calories out) is all that matters when you are trying to lose weight. AH! If you eat a ton of peanut m&ms but don’t consume more than 1,500 calories, you will probably lose weight on the scale, but you won’t be healthy and you will probably not  have great body composition (you will be “skinny fat.”). If you eat well, you don’t have to count calories, you will lose weight and you will have great body composition.
  4. Eating late at night can make you gain weight. It doesn’t matter when you consume the calories, if you need the calories. You won’t gain weight JUST because you ate late at night. With Intermittent Fasting, I only really ate before bed, and I lost weight. As long as you aren’t consuming extra calories during the day, it doesn’t matter when you eat the calories you need!
  5. I can “spot reduce” problem areas by doing exercises specific to those body parts. HA! I wish! It doesn’t work that way unfortunately. You can’t control where you lose fat from, but if you lift heavy and eat right you will get a healthy, lean body!
  6. If I can’t workout hard enough or long enough, I may as well just skip it that day. NOOOOO! Short workouts can be good for you! And pushing through a workout even when you don’t feel like you can give it your all can still produce results! Even a workout at 60% effort can help you achieve results in the long run!
  7. You will burn more fat if you exercise for longer at a lower intensity (within the “fat burning” zone). This should be a whole post on its own…the fat burning zone, unfortunately, doesn’t exist. While walking is good for you, lifting to build muscle is better for fat loss. More muscle equals more fat burning! So start lifting to lose fat!
  8. Exercising a lot is all you need to achieve your weight loss goals. As much as I would love to tell my clients that all they need to do to lose weight is exercise, it isn’t. Diet really is 80% of the weight loss battle! Working out can help you keep the weight off and burn extra calories during your weight loss battle, but it won’t melt the pounds away. You need a clean diet to really lose weight and make all the work you do when you are working out really pay off! 🙂
  9. All you need to do is cardiovascular training to be in shape. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If you believe that, you are on the wrong blog!
  10. Women who have muscle and can lift more than men aren’t sexy. BS!!! We are so super sexy! AND don’t you forget it!

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