Studies, Links and Whatever

Interesting stuff…or at least stuff I think is interesting!

  • I just want to start this post by saying that I LOVE this biking jersey for cancer that Jen sent me! Showing off the bicep! (It is definitely a lot of pink though).

  • “61.6% of American adults today are overweight, but only 39% say they think they are.” Interesting…it seems like every other day there is some new news story or article out there about how the majority of our population is overweight…yet people don’t think that they may be one of those overweight people…
  • Uhm…That is all I can say about this article called “Check Children’s Cholesterol Levels.” This article upset me for so many reasons. Really medicate children that are only 10 years old!?!
  • Working out in only a sports bra? Unless it is summer and I’m outside…I DON’T THINK SO! Why do women do it? Our gym is freaking cold! (No offense if you are a woman who does this…I just don’t get it.)
  • I Googled “Weight lifting” in Google News and was really really excited to see an article called “Why women should do weight training” among the first links on the page! Now all we need is for the NY Times to write a nice little piece about it…
  • I love gum. I don’t chew it everyday, but when I get the chance I chew a ton so when I saw this article I couldn’t help but smile. I hope it’s true that there are cognitive benefits to chewing gum!
  • This guy looks pretty darn good even though I don’t totally agree with Dr. Life’s diet plan.

  • I love macadamia nuts. Why are they so addicting?
  • And last but not least…why can’t airports have better food options? haha

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  1. I run in just my sports bra, because it really gets hot six months out of the year, but I can’t imagine lifting weights like that. I try to minimize the amount of skin touching the bench, not maximize it!

    • Exactly. When I workout outside I love to get a bit of a tan and soak up some vitamin D, but when I’m in a gym where most people forget to wipe down the equipment after they use it…no thanks!

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