One week

So next Sunday, I will be participating in my first powerlifting competition (the outfit I’m going to be wearing will be interesting looking). AND I’m super nervous and excited!

Numerous people have asked me why I’m doing it.

My question is why not?

  1. I love lifting heavy weights. And I’ve been doing heavy powerlifting-style training semi consistently for the last few months.
  2. The competition is only an hour away.
  3. It will be a new experience (and potentially a very humbling one!).
  4. And again…I love lifting weights soo…why not?

Also, if I love it maybe I will really start seriously training and do more!

If I don’t like it…well on to the next exercise challenge!

I must admit though…if I were to do another one, I would make sure I wasn’t traveling as much the two weekends before.

And super random, but can someone please explain to me why so many people feel the need to stand and crowd around their gate at the airport while they wait to board? They create confusion as to where the line to board is and just make everything more chaotic. AND THEY DON’T GET ON THE PLANE ANY QUICKER!

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  1. Awesome! I can’t wait to hear about it.

    And re: people at the gate, airline employees call them “gate lice”.

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