Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

What is beautiful?

So not my definition of beauty but each her own!

Seriously is there really one universal definition?


Working in a gym, where you constantly hear people commenting on other people’s bodies, you begin to realize that everyone really does have a different definition of what is beautiful. (Especially men and women.)

It seems that every male trainer at the gym loves women with big butts, yet most women are working out to try to firm, tone and shrink their rears.

Even women differ in their opinions of what is feminine beauty. Just think about what female movie stars you think are the MOST attractive. I guarantee not everyone agrees with you!

I mean part of the reason I was so motivated to start this blog was because women are afraid to lift weights because they don’t want to look bulky or overly muscled! Many women don’t find muscle attractive!

The numerous articles about famous actresses, singers and such with muscle who are ridiculed are proof of the fact that women (and men) don’t find muscled women attractive…like the articles about Cameron Diaz. Personally, I don’t think she is too muscled (maybe on the skinny side…but not too muscled).

Anyway, the point is no one has the exact same view of what is beautiful.

So what are we really all striving toward?

Shouldn’t we all just be seeking to make our bodies the best that they can be naturally while still being able to enjoy our life?

I mean…aren’t we women much harsher in our criticisms of  our own bodies than anyone else is? We seem to obsess over every little flaw – every eyebrow hair that is out-of-place (ok maybe the eyebrow hair thing is just me…)

But what are we obsessing for?

No one is perfect. And there will also be people who find you beautiful as is or that think you need a bigger/smaller waist/butt/arm…anything.

Beauty is such a fluid thing with so many definitions…so why can’t we just be happy and content with the fact that we do everything we can while still living our lives to the fullest?!

Why can’t we all just be happy with the bodies we have and know that they are each beautiful in their own ways!?!

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