What I found and thought this week…

First off, please wish Candy good luck!!! She has to undergo the second round of cuts for Roller Derby on Sunday! You can do it Man Bicep Sister!!!

And I thought this cartoon was funny…

Now on to some links and random thoughts!

  • Calories aren’t created equal…we all knew that. BUT just how important is getting the right kind of calories? According to this article it is very important to our mental functioning and our feelings of sleepiness. I obviously agree with this article…which is why I posted it! 😉
  • I thought this was a rather funny article and an interesting question…Can you be overweight and still be fit? What defines a person as fit? – “To be Fit or be Fat, That is the question.”
  • Can we say YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! There was a recent study done that supports carb cycling (and low carb diets in general)! Check it out!
  • And what was that one stupid list about Paleo not being a good diet? Well this article says that a low carb, high protein diet is the most effective weight loss diet!
  • Studies about diet are interesting…there are just so many contradictions and uncertainties. Look at some of the other articles on the site “Science Daily,” which I’ve linked out to a couple of times in this post. On the one hand, there are studies supporting low carb, high protein diets, but on the other hand, there are studies saying that low carb, high protein diets may be bad for your gut bacteria…So which is it? Personally, I think you just have to pick something to believe and hope that your way is right (and have enough proof to back it up!).

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  1. The cartoon-so true! So many people equate exercising with license for eating poor quality (and excess) food. “I ran today, so I can have a few beers.” (Which, as we all know leads to 5-6 beers, some pizza and nachos grande to top it off). I presented at Tufts on Thursday, and showed a slide with a typical Thanksgiving meal, and various types of physical activity required to burn it off. The meal (2 glasses of red wine, serving of honey glazed ham, candied yams, and a piece of pecan pie) required 4 hours of moderate to high intensity physical activity to burn off (for a 155# female-included spinning, running, walking).

    So, exercising with this intention often leaves people frustrated because their hour of cardio didn’t quite take care of “the weekend.”

    But, my bias is, it’s a bummer that more people aren’t viewing exercising/training from a strength and wellness perspective. What about training to be strong, to be vibrant? To walk through the rest of your day energized and focused. What about eating to support the intensity and efforts of your training practice, so it can evolve and become more refined. (By the way, as side effects, this intention usually comes with increased lean muscle mass, decreased fat mass, lower bp, increased HDL…).

    I’d challenge folks who say they do just fine eating and drinking subpar on a regular basis and still perform well with their training. Until they “experiment” with nutrient-dense, clean foods that support (rather than negate) their practice, they have yet to taste their full potential (in and out of the gym).

    Off to get my Man Bicep On,

    • Hi Em!

      I saw that you are transitioning to Paleo! How do you like it so far?

      • I actually did Paleo during my grad school days at CSU in CO, as Loren Cordain is a prof there.

        My body responds really well to the diet. I use myfitnesspaI app (amazing database of foods, sweet sweet app) and thus far, my weekly average intake is 44% carb, 32% fat, 24% protein. I do allow one day a week for grains (usually Saturday-long cardio day).

        I do think that it requires a little more culinary creativity, unless your someone that can eat the same, simple combo of foods/snacks on a regular basis. I love to cook, so I’m having fun creating some satisfying meals. Also, during this time of year, salads just don’t always cut it, so being prepared with acorn squash or sweet potatoes for cold winter afternoons and pre/post training are a must.

        I’ve started posting some of my recipes on FB and will continue to do so in the event anyone wants to swap.

        How about the fine folk at Man Bicep? I know Candy is vegetarian. Any other particular nutrition/fueling practices?

      • Candy and I both eat Primally actually. I find cooking Primally to be way easier than cooking a high carb, low fat diet. A slow cooker is a great way too to make lots of meals!!!

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