A Taboo Subject – You’re Overweight Cont.

I found this comment on the blog of one of the participants in our discussion on my last post (Fatty Lane). I thought it was very relevant to the discussion:


Although I understand that this is meant to be humorous there is a very serious side to this. The fact is many obese people go undiagnosed for many illnesses because of this exact reason. This can lead to their unnecessary deaths, family hardships and life altering despair. The fact that many hospitals cannot diagnose a significant portion of the population because of a lack of accommodation is really unacceptable at this point in time. The embarrassment that many obese people feel when going to the doctor or submitting to any form of medical testing is understandable and it also unnecessary as it is entirely due to a lack of understanding and compassion within the medical community in general.
Not a day goes by where we aren’t bombarded with a new study that shows how being fat promotes this disease or another. But the bare ass truth is that the obese are treated like second class citizens by the medical community and thus causing the obese to shy away from medical help when it is needed most. Most obese people will ignore a medical problem until they absolutely have no choice but to seek help. This adds to the idea that the obese are more likely to get sick as compared to their thinner counterparts. This issue with imaging equipment is a prime example of how the obese are ignored and yet demonized by a world that still doesn’t understand the issue.

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