Seepage – Vegetable Oil Isn’t Good for You!

There has been seepage!!! Seepage of Primal into conventional wisdom realms!


I’m super pumped to see an article on Yahoo! by SELF magazine called “Could this popular supplement be making you fat?” . While the title kind of sucks, the article is wonderful because it says we are consuming too much omega-6 fat!!

Which, guess what…WE ARE!

And guess what is to blame for our excessive consumption of omega-6s? Processed foods AND specifically those vegetable oils that so many people love!!! Yea…and all of you are so afraid of butter and lard! (Which by the way has a great ratio of omega-3 (GOOD!) to omega-6 (BAD!).

Just look at the amounts of omega-6s (n-6) and omega-3s (n-3) in vegetable oils:

Corn Oil
57g LA (n-6)
0.8g ALA (n-3)

Cottonseed Oil
48g LA (n-6)
0.4g ALA (n-3)

Canola Oil
22g LA (n-6)
11g ALA (n-3)

Soybean Oil
53g LA (n-6)
7g ALA (n-3)

Oh and now let’s compare these vegetable oils to those awful animal and full-fat dairy products that so many people shun:

Beef Tallow (grain-fed beef source)
4g LA (n-6)
0.7g ALA (n-3)

Chicken Fat
17g LA (n-6)
1.1g ALA (n-3)

10g LA (n-6)
1.4g ALA (n-3)

Mutton Fat
5g LA (n-6)
2.9g ALA (n-3)

Heavy Cream, conventional, grain-fed cows
0.9g LA (n-6)
0.6g ALA (n-3)

Wow, the ration of omega-6 to omega-3 is way better! AND not only is the ratio better, but these fatty animal products have way fewer omega-6s!

Looks like maybe we Primal and Paleo followers are on to something, huh? I mean even the public health doctor admits that our Stone Age ancestors ate a great ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 so why shouldn’t we eat like them!

What is it about the modern diet that’s leading you to eat too much omega-6? Like omega-3, omega-6 fats occur naturally in small amounts in plants and in the meat of animals that eat plants, while nuts and seeds tend to have more omega-3*. “In the diet of our Stone Age ancestors, there was probably more omega-3 than omega-6,” says Lassek. “The problem for us today is that there is more than 20 times as much omega-6 as omega-3 in the American diet.”

The culprit? Industrially processed vegetable oils, like corn and soybean oils, which according to Lassek, are added to most prepared foods.

(There is a typo in the quote above. *Omega-3 should actually be omega-6.)

Of course the article isn’t perfect… I mean it still is in the conventional wisdom realm. It has a stupid line advertising “Lose two pounds in one week!” and well it does have a line about canola oil being ok (which it isn’t!).

But hey…there is seepage!!

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