Top Dieting Secrets REVEALED!

Guess what!?! There are no secrets!

"You're eating a chocolate bar and walking at 2." Response..."I'm in the fat burning zone."

I wish there was some great secret that I could share with you (because then I would be a millionaire), but there isn’t.

No one has a magic tip that will make sticking to a diet easy or make the weight just melt off effortlessly.

BUT, I can give recommendations about how you find the “secret” that will work best for you.

The keys to finding YOUR secret to success:

  1. Research
  2. Experiment
  3. Be patient and dedicated
Before you just jump into a diet, do some research. Read the guidelines of the diet and why it claims to, not only work, but also be healthy for you. Make sure the diet seems not only doable, but also plausible.
Take a look at the studies cited by the diet and studies that claim to disprove the diet. Which studies do you believe? Do they use a decent number of test subjects? Are they really testing what they say they are testing?
Looking at the studies is what hooked me on Primal. Primal had studies like the Framingham Heart Study backing its claims. This study is extensive and analyzes EXACTLY what it claims to! I also found that many of the studies arguing against Primal fell short in PROVING that low-fat is healthier.
Many of the low-fat diet studies tested low-fat against JUNK FOOD! They weren’t testing low-fat vs. high-fat. They were testing low-fat vs. the American diet! So in no way did these studies PROVE to me that Primal wasn’t the right way.
So between a lack of evidence disproving Primal and extensive amounts of proof that Primal was healthy, I jumped right on board the Primal train!
And if the studies didn’t convince me, all of the success stories did. These weren’t those fake before and after photos you see on TV. These were stories about how people not only lost weight, but also began to feel better and get HEALTHIER!
So now that I’m convinced Primal is something I want to try, the next step is self-experimentation!
So once you’ve chosen a diet that looks good, you now have to test it out on yourself. Map out a plan and commit to trying the diet for a set amount of time. You should really commit at least 90 days to a diet before you decide if it works or not.
This is probably the most important step in figuring out your “secret” to success. Only by testing the diet, and making slight changes as you find things that work and don’t work for you, will you CREATE the perfect plan for you!
First, try the diet as it is laid out by the creator. In order to tell if the basic plan will work, you need to follow the guidelines exactly. If you are going to test the Primal diet and decide if it works, you can continue to eat grains. If you are eating something that isn’t on the diet plan, YOU AREN’T ACTUALLY TESTING OUT THE DIET! You must follow the exact guidelines if you want to figure out if the diet works!
As time goes on, you can make changes to the diet – little adjustments until the diet works perfectly for YOU. The creator shared the program that worked best for him or her. You now have to make adjustments to figure out how to use their plan to your advantage.
Like with Primal. Some people can eat cheese everyday and fruit. I find I get the best results when I eat only meat and veggies throughout the week.
Also, some people never need to cheat on their diet. For me, occasional cheat days are a necessity!
I’ve made adjustments to Primal so that it works PERFECTLY for me.
There are so many adjustments you can make. Some people eat rice. Some people add in beans. Some people even make pizzas using almond or coconut flour.
They’ve experimented to see what works best for them. The real secret to success is slow and diligent experimentation on yourself!!!
To be successful, you need to be patient! If you don’t give a diet time, you will never know if it actually works…or doesn’t work for that matter. Dedicate yourself and commit to giving the diet some time to see how it affects your body. Let yourself settle in and see if it is something you can maintain!
So the key to success behind self-experimentation is patience and dedication.
Unfortunately, finding the perfect diet for you won’t happen overnight.
Every little adjustment and experiment is a learning process that takes you one step closer to your goal of creating the perfect diet for you. And if you can be patient and really dedicate yourself to each experiment, you will achieve your goal before you know it!!!
I’ve found that it is easiest to remain patient and dedicated when I map out my plan instead of winging it day-to-day. When I have things mapped out, there are daily goals and even an end date in sight.
And even though I’m very happy with my diet now, I’m always doing more research about ways to make my diet better. I’m also constantly experimenting. And throughout I see success whenever I’m patient and dedicated…which honestly isn’t always easy!
Anyway, those are MY dieting secrets so that you can find your own key to success! Good luck!

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