Interesting stuff from this week

  • My post on Thursday had to do with the lingering belief that women aren’t men’s equals in the sports and exercise arena. Fit and Feminist also had a post concerning a similar issue, which I thought was interesting. It seems that strong, competitive, athletic women still aren’t full accepted by society. Instead society keeps trying to make these women more acceptable by imposing rules to make them more feminine. What do you think?
  • So I made a couple interesting food discoveries this week. I found wild boar salami!!!! Nitrite free wild boar salami!!! IT IS AMAZING! Thank you Meat House! Also, Trader Joe’s had an aged raw goat’s milk pecorino romano. YUM!!! Nice and salty and delicious. And the best part is…it’s raw milk!
  • I also have two delicious recipes I want to share. One is for a Primal cheat day – chocolate macadamia nut bark with sea salt. I didn’t follow Mark’s recipe, but he did give me the idea!

  • The second is a protein shake, which is absolutely delicious! It is Trader Joe’s light coconut milk, coconut oil (for some good healthy fats), chocolate protein and water! If you like the taste of chocolate and coconut together, you will LOVE this protein shake! AND the coconut milk makes it nice and creamy and thick! Plus not only are you getting some protein out of this shake, but also all of the health benefits of coconut.
  • Ok…”all natural” as a label on food means absolutely nothing. There is this new diet aid, called Proasis, which is essentially a protein and vitamin shot that they state is “all natural.” They claim it helps a dieter get all the vitamins, minerals and protein that they won’t get on a diet for weight loss. For one, how can a protein shake, fortified by vitamins be “all natural?” Two, if you do the RIGHT diet to lose weight, you will get plenty of vitamins and minerals and protein! Uhm, Paleo/Primal anyone!?!
  • There is a children’s book now for “Paleo” children!! The book is called “Paleo Pals” and helps parents get their children excited about Paleo eating! Really neat! I love how much of a “culture” Primal and Paleo have become!
  • One last thing…have you ever noticed that when one thing in your life is going right, you feel so much better about everything else? I have!! So I’ve made it through three weeks of this new diet, which is a strict version of Primal and I’ve started to look and feel great! It’s amazing how looking and feeling great gives you so much more confidence in every aspect of your life. You know the saying, “When it rains, it pours?” Well I guess the opposite can be true! When you have confidence in one part of your life and are happy, the happiness and confidence can really spread to other portions of your life!

Also, I’ve created a “Question Submission” page. I’ve already gotten a few questions, which I will address tomorrow in a post. Thank you for the submissions and keep them coming!

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