Nothing frustrates me more…

Oh yes…you bet there is about to be a rant. Hey, I’ve barely slept the last couple of nights because I’ve been hunting mice (LOOOONG story) so I deserve a nice rant.

Nothing frustrates me more than women choosing light weights THAT AREN’T CHALLENGING because they are too afraid to bulk up.

Ok nothing frustrates me more than that except maybe people slacking off IN MY CLASS! I mean at least look like you are trying hard!

Seriously ladies. Those barbie weights are cute and all but pick up the heavy dumbbells! You want to lose those love handles or get nice shapely legs? Well then lift some freaking weight!!!!!!!!

Even though I know the belief that women shouldn’t lift heavy is out there, I’m just always shocked when it rears its ugly head.

And I just had so much hope for today. A female member was out on the floor doing unassisted pull ups this morning. My clients were lifting some heavy weights. And I got emails from Man Bicepers across the country who are all taking back the weight room floor!

It almost felt as if that stupid lie about women lifting heavy was dead!

But sadly, it was just in hiding for the morning.

Boy was it in full force during my class though, which is shocking for numerous reasons.

For one, my class is torture. It is KNOWN because of its torture. So why would you come and slack off and use freaking joke weights?!?

For two, EVERYONE ALWAYS SEES ME LIFTING AND HEARS ME HARPING ABOUT WOMEN LIFTING. Why would you come to a class with a female instructor and ignore the fact that they are telling you to use heavier weights?

I always want to yell out one of two things..

“Get out of my class if you aren’t going to actually lift.”


“WHAT THE F***!” Use some freaking weights!”

I never yell out either, which is why I’m ranting right now.

I know I say this all the time, but why do people believe that women will get bulky if they lift heavy weights? Because there are female bodybuilders on steroids that look huge? Uhm it isn’t the weight lifting that made those women that big!!!

I do see a light at the end of the tunnel though – it’s all of you wonderful Man Bicepers out there flexing your man biceps!

A special “thank you” to Man Biceper Mary Kate for giving me hope!

Mary Kate is starting a nice version of the Man Bicep deadlift program and I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

Mary Kate's Man Bicep!!!

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  1. You would be proud of me. I did actual, real deadlifts yesterday. I didn’t go nuts with the weights as I have a half-marathon on Saturday but I did deadlift about 70 pounds and am very much feeling it today (in the best way possible!)

  2. I agree. I hate to see the women lifting the same weight every week in Pump. I have convinced some to lift more as they see me load up my bar….but they much rather stay in their comfort zone with the weights and then spend 1 hour on the arc trainer. I throw in my comments in between tracks but not many listen.

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