Man Bicep – Weekly Workouts

Recently, I’ve gotten a ton of questions about workout routines. People have asked for advice about what exercises to do, how many reps and sets to perform, how many times a week they should train.

While there is no one workout program that will work for everyone, I can offer guidelines.

And my first suggestion is: STOP OVERTRAINING PEOPLE! Too many of you aren’t giving body parts enough rest especially if you are lifting heavy. Light full body circuits are fine to do 3 times per week. But if you are lifting super heavy that body part is going to need a lot more rest!

Second suggestion: Keep track of your workouts! Don’t just randomly throw together some moves for that day! Plan and record!!

Now my third suggestion is try the Man Bicep workouts of the week! These workouts have helped other people gain strength while getting lean. So they definitely work especially when adjustments are made to your individual goals (if you email me I can suggest adjustments). They are a great starting point for anyone looking to create a program that will help them get strong and lean!

Feel free to keep emailing me all your workout questions! Here is just a little extra weekly supplement to my answers!

Weekly Workout #1

Strength Deadlift and Leg Day

Stretch and perform mobility exercises for hips and such.

Deadlift 5 sets of 2 reps – Perform warm up sets before beginning the 5 rounds. Start heavy. Try to either maintain the same weight throughout or increase as you move through the sets. If your form breaks down, lessen the weight. Rest a couple of minutes between each set.

Auxiliary lifts: Lighter weights should be used, but they should still be challenging!!!

Step ups 3x10ea (hold weights)
paired with
Balance lunges 3x10ea (hold weights)

Kettlebell swings 3×20
paired with
Jumping forward lunges with weight vest 3x10ea (So you move forward by jumping and switching legs.)

Hyper extensions 3×10 with weight
paired with
Bosu abs 3×20 no weight

Stretch and foam roll after walking for 10 minutes.

Check back next week for another workout! In the meantime, try this one and let me know if you have any questions.

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