Need motivation? Use one of my Top 10!

Ok so these are the things that motivate me to work out even when I’m not feeling at the top of my game. These aren’t necessarily in a specific order. Depending on how you feel that day, some things may work better than others!

  1. Goals – Having goals clearly laid out keeps me on track. I also make sure to hang my goals up so that I see them every day. I also share my goals with friends and family so that I have some pressure or commitment to succeed.  Clearly defined goals are a great way to stay on track because you have something specific to work toward!
  2. Friends and family – Friends and family can be a great motivator to work out. Knowing that Ryan, Candy and Brian are working out hard makes me not want to slack. I also love working out with them! So why would I ever want to skip doing something fun with friends and family!?! I also find that sticking to Primal is way easier because I’m doing it with someone else. Ryan and I keep each other on track during days of weakness.
  3. Being Healthy – There is no greater motivation than knowing that working out (and eating right!) is making you healthier so that you can lead a long, active life! It isn’t the most attractive reason to workout or eat well (let’s face it…looking good is), but it probably is the most important reason to do those things! And the thing is that every day you eat well or every time you workout, you are improving your health even if you didn’t lose a pound that week!
  4. Feeling Good – I don’t know about you, but I feel so much better when I workout. My body feels strong from lifting heavy weights and pushing through intense workouts. I feel like I can leap tall buildings in a single bound…ok maybe not that good, but you get the point! When you workout and eat well, your body just feels so darn good! You have energy to power through long days and the strength to do any physical activity presented to you!
  5. Looking Good – This is probably the reason most used by people to motivate themselves to workout. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t have great staying power. I definitely remind myself that all of my working out and eating well is what keeps me looking fit, but you need to find some deeper motivation to really keep you committed to a program. So use this HUGE motivator to get you started and keep you committed on days when you’re lagging, but don’t let this be your only motivation!
  6. Stress relief – Too often people think of working out and eating right as chores. For me working out and eating well relieves stress. When I work out, I clear my head and I get the endorphins flowing. When I eat well, I’m not worried about whether or not I’m going to feel and look good because if I’m eating the right foods I know I will!
  7. Competition (with yourself) – What better motivator is there than competition? Not only competition with your workout buddies but also with yourself. I keep a workout log and each and every time I lift, I want to beat my numbers from the lifts before. It motivates me to constantly push myself so that I do better than last time!
  8. Seeing results – When you see results (or even maintain the great results you already have), you are going to stick with the program. Find different ways to measure “results.” Take body measurements. Keep a workout log. Track how well you did on your diet that week. When you see positive changes, you will be motivated to continue. Not seeing results can also be a motivator…to start a new program.
  9. Quality of life – Enjoying life to its fullest! This and “being healthy” are not the most glamorous motivators but they are the ones that truly keep you dedicated. When you eat well and workout intensely, you feel good. You feel empowered, which makes you really tackle all of the challenges of life. I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had that have started working out and eating right and just feel so much happier and content with life. Plus, they are able to be more active and enjoy more time with their families doing activities they couldn’t do before!
  10. Photos of your role models – So when I need a burst of motivation, I turn to this one. There is nothing like seeing one of your role models, looking amazing and strong, to make you want to stick to your diet and hit the gym! (Candy did some searching yesterday for this type of motivation!)

Candy’s motivation: Lindsay Smith

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