Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve always liked Valentine’s Day.

Oh yea!

Weird? Probably.

But I’ve always liked the idea of a day to appreciate not only yourself but also your loved ones.

I’ve always been lucky enough to have family and friends around who love and support me – who help bring out the best in me.

And I like to think of Valentine’s Day not as a commercial holiday where you buy lots of stupid flowers and chocolates, but as a day when you reflect on how many wonderful people you are lucky enough to have in your life.

Hey, I don’t do cheesy posts too often so bear with me.

Anyway, I just feel so lucky today to have such great people in my life.

There are my friends (who are essentially family)…

I’ve made some great friends over the past year. Two great friends to be exact – Candy and Brian. They challenge me every day to work hard and push myself. They are the best support network a friend could ask for. It’s amazing to go to work every day and know that you are hanging out with two of the nicest and most caring people in the world!

And my family…

There is the Man Bicep Mom, who has always supported me and pushed me to go after what I want in life. She raised me to be a very strong, independent woman and is one of my best friends. She also inspired my love of health and fitness and is a big part of why I’m such an advocate of women lifting heavy weights!

And my sister, Drew, who has always been my other best friend. She is so close to me that sometimes people think we are twins! She was my first ever gym buddy and the person that made me realize how much I loved training.

And then there is Ryan…Ryan makes me a better me…period. He’s made me feel like the sky is the limit. Any time I feel any self-doubt he wipes it away. I honestly, am the best Cori I can be because of Ryan.

A big ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ to all my loved ones!

AND a big ‘Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you wonderful Man Bicepers out there!!!!

P.S. Some wonderful Primal Valentine’s Day recipes to come later!!!

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