Getting Back into the Groove

Rebeca…this post is for you!

So you’ve gotten into a great rhythm. You’re eating well and going to the gym numerous times a week. You are so in the groove that it isn’t a challenge to keep your healthy lifestyle going – it has become a habit.

But then, you go on vacation.

And when you come back, your rhythm is gone.

You can’t drag yourself into the gym and you’re not sure you even know what healthy foods look like anymore. You’ve undone the habit in a quarter of the time it took you to create it.

So how do you get back on track?

It is by no means easy, but you did it once before and you can do it again! Remember that!

Also, remember that the quicker you get right back into it after vacation, the easier it will be. The longer you wait, the more you will regress. Just think about how hard you worked to make all that progress in the first place! You don’t want to lose it all!

I know how hard it can be to get back into the groove. When I come back from vacation feeling like a slug from bad food and inactivity, I don’t want to workout or eat well. But I remind myself of how great I feel once I start…and how crappy I feel when I continue my sluggish ways.

It’s all about the mindset! Your mind is the strongest muscle in your body so use it to push yourself to get right back into healthy habits!

For more great tips, check out my post about how to change your lifestyle and stick with it!

If you need more motivation to get back into working out and eating well after a vacation, email me. I’ll keep harassing you until you do!

You’ve been warned Rebeca!

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