Working Out – It’s no beauty pageant!

I just want to start off by saying, “I sweat A LOT when I workout.”

I literally drip.

I’ve even been told I look like a drowned rat.

I would definitely not win any beauty pageants.

Why do you want to know this?

Actually you probably don’t. But too bad! (And I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before so it should come as no surprise!)

The reason I’m telling you this is because working hard in the gym isn’t always about looking good. You’ve got to get down and dirty to get some results.

Granted you don’t have to sweat as much as me, but working up a little sweat at least is good!

Actually, why is it that women seem so much more concerned with looking “cute” in the gym than men do? (Or maybe men actually think they look good in their stained armpit shirts….)

Don’t get me wrong here. I love cute gym clothes. I just can’t bring myself to care though how I look when I workout. I actually even like to try to save my cute workout clothes for when I’m not working out and instead wear big, old, stained t-shirts when I am!

What type of woman are you? Do you dress up for the gym? If you dress up for the gym, why do you do it?

Also, are cute workout clothes just another way for us to feminize the gym a bit more?…What do you think?

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  1. I wear whatever is comfortable and flattering enough. I need to feel confident in the gym and I can’t do that if I’m worried I look bad in some way- so everything needs to fit properly and not be too tight or so loose I can’t see what I’m doing. That said, I sweat a lot and never wear makeup when I’m working out, so looking pretty in the gym is pretty far down on my list of priorities.

    I get pretty self-conscious about sweating through my clothes though, because my pants are usually pretty tight and I don’t want people seeing my crotch sweat when I do bent over rows in the free weights area :/ But what can you do.

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