The Difference between Diet and Lifestyle – Part I

You’ll run into people who have adopted a new eating/exercise plan who will claim they’ve made a “lifestyle change.”

But have they really?

Because I change my diet and exercise program doesn’t mean I’ve changed my lifestyle. I’ve changed my diet numerous times throughout my life and I’ve even changed my opinions about what is HEALTHY, but I’ve NEVER changed my lifestyle.

My lifestyle has always been one focused on health and activity.

Even on vacations the things I want to do the most revolve around this.

Farmers market – FRESH, LOCAL, ORGANIC

Hiking along the beach looking at the tide pools.

Barefoot is better.

So next time you think about saying you’ve changed your “lifestyle” because you’ve adopted a new diet, take a really good look at whether or not things have truly changed. Have you truly changed your “lifestyle?”

And if you haven’t changed your lifestyle, do you really think you’ll be able to stick to this new healthy diet if the rest of your life doesn’t reflect the same beliefs?

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