Just because an athlete sponsors it…


So yesterday when I was talking about not endorse things I haven’t tried or that I don’t believe in, I began thinking about athletes endorsing “healthy” products.

Because someone famous told them it was healthy, they all just believed it! But in fact it was worse than a candy bar for them!Anyone else a fan of Parks and Recreation?

People see an athlete endorsing a product and illogically think that they need that product to be like the athlete. They connect that product with the athlete’s success.

Which 90% of the time is totally incorrect. I bet 90% of the time the athlete hasn’t even ever used the product he or she is endorsing.

Just because someone famous is associated with it doesn’t mean it’s good.

Same goes for movie star diets. Just because so-and-so lost 20lbs on a diet doesn’t mean that it is healthy OR that it will work for you.

I mean logically we all understand this right? But if we do why are people constantly buying diet pills or trying the latest celebrity diet? Why are people focused on getting the right “supplements” when all they eat is junk food?

How could someone believe that an energy bar with Lance Armstrong’s face on it is healthier than REAL, whole food?

Why do we always try to make things overly complicated?

Who cares if a product has a celebrity’s face on it!?! Those bananas in the next aisle are way better for you!

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