Some people hate birthdays. Other people love them.

I find myself sort of indifferent to them. Well mine that is. I love planning parties for other people. But for mine….I’m not not excited…I’m just also not overly enthused.

Of course today at work there was a little bit of hazing and I had no choice but to celebrate.

Thank you Dave, Candy and Brian. You are all buttheads.

But this year I’ve decided I need to do a little bit more…I’m going back to my youth when my mom planned super active parties for me – tennis, Olympics events and roller skating!

But unlike the parties of my youth none of the events this week involve eating cake…ok Saturday there may be a bit of cake…  🙂

But tonight there will be no cake. Some delicious chocolate though. I’ve become addicted to these Taza chocolates. Very few ingredients and 70% dark which isn’t bad!! Plus they have some really interesting flavors!

AND tonight I will also go rock climbing FOR THE FIRST TIME! SO PUMPED! So excited to test out my strength in a different way.

(Actually testing out my “strength” seems to be the theme of the week. Monday and Tuesday I worked on one-handed handstands as well as crow to headstand. Not too disappointed in the results!)

And after all the rock  climbing and handstands, I will be going roller skating tomorrow night. Yes roller skating! Candy doesn’t have derby practice so she is taking me skating. I think the last time I went roller skating was fourth grade….Hopefully the fact that I’ve ice skated more recently will save me! (Also, hopefully my legs won’t be too tired after 2 1/2 hours of spin during the day!)

And then Friday, BOWLING!

Overall a very competitive and active week! YES!

Great friends, fun activities…Couldn’t ask for anything more!

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  1. Climbing is soooo fun, I got hooked last summer and go like every other day now – climb on, birthday girl!

  2. happy birthday week! i feel the exact same way about my birthday….but i generally feel “unenthused” about people paying lots of attention to me anyway.
    rock climbing sounds awesome! it is so neat (and satisfying!) to be able to apply your strength to movements that you’ve never done before.
    btw, you can wear vibrams to work?!?! super cool.

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