Go figure…Conventional wisdom I hate

Ok so the phrase/sentiment I hate below isn’t really conventional wisdom BUT it is uttered all too frequently!

Don’t be fooled by this picture. It doesn’t have that much to do with the post. I just like it.

So yesterday I hopped on the treadmill at the end of my workout to jog a mile. I’ve been trying to casually run occasionally because I want to be good at it even if I don’t enjoy it. (Also, I think I’m hoping I’ll learn to love it…not working yet…)

While I was jogging on the treadmill, and drenched in sweat from my workout, one of the trainers at my gym said to me,”Feeling guilty about the weekend, huh?” He then smiled and laughed.

I think the first emotion that registered across my face was shock. And then I got defensive.

Yes, I did go to New York this past week. And yes, I did eat all of the delicious foods that I know are bad for me.

But, did I feel guilty about it?


I had throughly enjoyed myself. Why would I feel guilty?

After I got defensive, I got angry.


I’ve never understood that attitude – the attitude of “if I eat badly I’ll just go on the treadmill and sweat it off and then I’ll be skinny again.”

Do people actually really think that works?

Unfortunately they do…

But it doesn’t work like that. You can’t just eat whatever you want and then just go and work it off. That doesn’t make you healthy!!!

I honestly believe it is actually the worst mentality to have.

It places all the importance on calories in vs. calories. Also, maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t mean you are healthy!

And most importantly you can’t exercise off a bad meal!!!

If you really want to “make up” for a bad meal or weekend, eat well for the next few weeks!!!

Have you ever been guilty of thinking a workout will make up for poor eating choices? If so, WHY!?!

P.S. Is anyone else amused by this article?!

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  1. I am trying to get out of the mindset noted in your article. The media tends to tell this story all too often as a way to combat what we may overindulge in. I try to eat primal most of the time so that I’m not putting crap in my body. I have noticed how much better I feel, how my body functions better, my skin looks healthier by eating clean and not consuming processed foods. And I workout to feel good and be healthy. Infact, if I don’t exercise, my body just feels off.

  2. So synchronous reading this today! Yesterday was a co-workers birthday and she requested cinnabons. These gluteny-sugary buns and I have history. I haven’t had a cinnabon since college (a decade ago – yikes!) and after walking by the stand at union station and smelling them too many times, I made the mistake of telling my co-workers that once I reached a certain weightlifting goal, I would allow myself to have a cinnabon as a reward. DON’T EVER DO THIS. Because here I am, not having reached that goal and cinnabons in my face. As an aside, throughout the multitudes of birthday cakes and pies and sweets we have celebrated in this office, I have only once partaken (and that was during a 4 hour body cheat day). I didn’t abstain begrudgingly or curmudgeonly – I just purely couldn’t handle eating that much sugar with my insulin sensitivity and not get sick.

    So yesterday I actually decided I would splurge and have half a cinnamon goo-ball, when my boss of all people says, “Hey, don’t you have some exercise goal you have to reach before you’re allowed to have cinnabon??”
    At that moment I was so self-conscious that there was no way I could enjoy eating it.
    The lesson I learned is that my goals should be to reach some personally rewarding progress – not just to be allowed to *cheat*. I think if I kept a reward system it would actually end up being a hindrance to my own strength training.

    • So slight side note BUT I hate when I CHOOSE to have a cheat and it is ruined.

      When we cheat we should fully enjoy it!

      And while I think your reward was fine as it wasn’t just bad food in general, I do recommend getting away from food as a reward – it can lead down a slippery slope!

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