Strength grows from vulnerability

Sometimes it is hard for me to want to do things that I know I’m bad at.

I don’t like failing.

But if I don’t make myself vulnerable to failure, if I don’t attempt the things I’m bad at, I will never grow stronger.

It sucks, but it is the hard truth.

And I want to be strong. AND you are only as strong as your weakest point.

So I work on my weak points. Sometimes I want to cry or puke. Sometimes I just want to give up.

But every time I push through, I get stronger.

Not only do I get stronger physically, but I also get stronger mentally. I become more empowered every time I make myself vulnerable and overcome an obstacle.

I actually think sometimes we focus too much on the physical obstacle without realizing how much pushing ourselves to do something will make us grow and become empowered as a person.

And honestly, isn’t growing stronger as a person really the most important part? I mean who really cares if you lift 45lbs or 300lbs?

No one.

The point is to OVERCOME something CHALLENGING to you. The numbers don’t matter. The exercise doesn’t matter.

All the matters is that you take on the challenge and make yourself vulnerable.

That in and of itself is success.

And sometimes that success is very hard-won and comes about in a form in which you didn’t necessarily intend. But that success is strength.

You made yourself vulnerable.

You took the risk.

You got stronger.

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  1. Your post touches on something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, which is how I’d been telling myself that I’m bad at things for so long that I’d never even actually tried to see if I could be any good at them. It was like I sucked at something the first time I tried it when I was, like, twelve years old, and therefore I always have and always will suck at it. Of course the truth is most people aren’t good at things at first and they have to work at it, but for some reason a lot of people – myself included – have this idea that we should be great at things right away and if we aren’t, then it wasn’t meant to be.

    I swear this has something to do with your post. 🙂

    • That most definitely is related. It actually is a part of what was going on in my head when I wrote it.

      There are things you decide you are bad at so never attempt them again. BUT if you don’t attempt them, you can never be good at them!

      AND the growing experience that you get when you work to become better at something is simply priceless.

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