Farmers Market

So off course not everything is healthy at the farmers market.

There are people selling baked goods and chips and popcorn. But at least everything is fresh, local or homemade!

Ryan and me at the farmers market today with his dad.

Most of the food is from no further away than a few hours. And a lot of it, like the peaches, was literally just picked yesterday. No pesticides. No preservatives. Straight to from the farm to your table (or your belly if you are like me and want to eat it all right away).

I love the fact that everything is so fresh at the farmers market. I love that everything is local. I love that everything is grown without chemicals and evil farming practices. I love that everything is as natural as can be.

But most of all I love that everything tastes so darn good and is picked and sold exactly when it is in season.

In season….that isn’t really a word that concerns us much any more when it comes to foods.

I mean something is in season somewhere right? So we can always have it.

I do wonder though how much better off we’d be if we only ate foods that were in-season at that time. Granted it would stink depending on where you live, but still.

They do tend to taste a whole heck of a lot better when they are in-season and local. Just look at those peaches and strawberries. I can tell you for sure they are sweet and juicy and delicious!

What do you think? Do you try to eat fruits and veggies that are in-season? Or do you not care? And are you as obsessed with your local farmers market as I am?

Happy Saturday Man Bicepers! Sorry that I’ve been missing in action. Back to more regular posting this week!

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