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The Benefits of Walking

People often act like WALKING isn’t really that great. They act like it sort of doesn’t count.

benefits of walking

But walking is an important part of any healthy lifestyle.

Actually I think walking is often overlooked as an essential part of being healthy because of our belief that we have to do MORE to be healthy or lose weight.

But as I’ve repeated almost every day recently, “More isn’t always better. Sometimes LESS is actually MORE.”

In a society where we are constantly told to do MORE when it comes to a healthy lifestyle – diet more, workout more – could the push to do MORE actually be causing us to get worse results?

I think the answer is a big, “YES!”

I mean think about it. You are told to eat fewer calories. To cut out more foods. To DIET MORE.

But sometimes doing more, cutting out more, when it comes to diet can actually hinder your results.

Just this week I talked about the importance of fueling your activity level – about eating more and dieting when your body needs it. Restricting too much can hinder your results just as much as doing nothing can. Again…More isn’t always better.

Same goes for working out.

Overtraining isn’t some myth. It is actually easier to overtrain than you would even think. And more people than you would expect are actually training too much!

Exercise is meant to improve health, aid in fat and weight loss and reduce injury, aches and pain, and fatigue…Yet when you do too much, you do exactly the opposite!

So often you read about how you have to exercise more. Or you see your weight loss progress stall and instantly think you need to put in more hours at the gym. Or up your intensity.


Often we find it easier to do more than to reassess and try something simpler. I find a lot of clients need to feel a certain way after their workout to feel like they “worked.” They need to be out of breath. Or feel like they are going to puke. Or have sweated a certain amount to feel like the did ENOUGH.

But that attitude is exactly what gets people into trouble. That attitude is what makes people ignore some of the best diet and exercise programs and activities out there for them!

That attitude is what causes people to end up struggling a lot more to become healthier, fitter, stronger, and leaner than they need to.

And one of those activities that is often overlooked as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle is WALKING!

Many people skip walking in favor of activities like running that burn more calories and help them FEEL like they’ve gotten a workout.

They skip walking because they don’t realize how much bang for their buck they really get with walking. All they consider is calories in vs. calories out or working out as hard or as much as they can.

But walking is a great exercise and an important part of a healthy lifestyle and even a weight loss program.

Instead of keeping it simple, people do two-hour workouts. They include 15 different exercises and do 100s of reps. They take themselves to the max every single workout.

But if you break your muscles down every day, you aren’t going to reap the benefits of your workouts! Workouts break your body down so you can become stronger. But doing MORE breaking down, if you don’t take enough time to rebuild, is really just wasted effort.

And rest is when you REBUILD.

Your body can’t go at 100% every single day. You can’t lift heavy or run hard every day. Your body needs workouts of varied intensities. Your body NEEDS easy days.

Walking can be a great lower intensity activity you can use as active recovery. It can be a great way to MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY recover!

And we’ve all heard that if we move more, we will be healthier.

This doesn’t mean going and doing longer workouts. And it doesn’t mean doing hours of intense cardio.

Guess what is a great way to move more though!?!

Walking! It allows us to move more without wearing our bodies down and overtraining!

Walking is one of those activities that we see as “less bang for our buck.” But it is truly one of those exercises where LESS IS MORE.

Yea…maybe you don’t get the same calorie burn as an hour of intense exercise. But walking means less stress. It means better sleep. It can enhance your move. It can help you fight against disease. It allows your body to recover and rebuild. It can mean a lot of great health benefits not only because of the activity, but also because you can be relaxed and social with it while even soaking up some sun!

And all of these things lead to better health. All of these things mean that you will get MORE out of the time you do spend doing higher intensity workouts.

Walking is often overlooked as EXERCISE but trust me, it is the one exercise that EVERYONE needs to be doing no matter their age or fitness level.

Right now too many people suffer from the attitude that MORE IS BETTER – more restriction, more intense, longer workouts.

But if you want great results, LESS IS MORE.

Do you go for walks? Maybe you should go out this weekend and soak up some sun!

Whey Protein Powder Recipes

A week or so ago I wrote a post about a great protein shake I made. I mentioned in that post that while I prefer to mainly eat whole natural foods, protein, and even BCAAs for that matter, can be useful tools to maintain a healthy diet when you are busy and on the go.

But while I believe in using protein for snacks and even the occasional meal replacement, I don’t believe in making protein snacks that have a bazillion ingredients in them.

I’m sorry…protein “fudge” with almond flour, honey (or other sweeteners) just isn’t healthy any more. Nuts have phytic acid in them and should only be consumed in moderation not as flours where you can end up consuming double or even triple the proper serving size.

Anyway, I do like certain whey protein powder recipes…simple ones…like certain protein pancakes. I use an egg…maybe a little raw milk, protein and water. I usually cook in coconut oil and may add a coconut butter or the occasional teaspoon of almond butter if we even have it around.

I try to keep it as natural and whole foods-y as possible. Because let’s face it…Nothing is as good as whole foods for you.

However, if you are on the run, here are a few good protein powders and the pancake recipes I used them with. I got the protein powders from

They sent me samples to try as I’m a creature of habit and otherwise just get the Gold Standard whey every time. They also sent me a couple BCAA packets to try.

Branch chain amino acids are the building blocks of protein.

If you do any sort of Intermittent Fasting, BCAAs can be a great thing to take before your workout. Lean Gains talks about BCAAs in his IF diet. I do like BCAAs and highly recommend them if you are lifting heavy and doing IF although I’m a bigger fan of the unflavored ones than the watermelon Metabolic Nutrition one that Best Price Nutrition sent me.

It tasted great…But again, I’m all about less crap and more natural even if it doesn’t taste as good.

Anyway, the whey protein powder pancake recipes!

Banana Creme Pancakes

I’ve never had a banana protein powder before. I usually keep it simple as the stranger protein flavors generally taste chemically.

This protein, however, tasted amazing and I loved that it was low carb. It wasn’t at all chemically, but did have a few more ingredients in it than I would have liked.

For me, the protein itself tasted delicious enough that I could make my super quick version of the pancakes. Tasted like banana pancakes although a bit more dense just because I only included two ingredients. You could add some baking soda if you really wanted them fluffier. But for something you can cook quickly and throw in a bag and eat cold whenever you need it later, these were delicious.

banana protein pancakes

1 Scoop ProtiZyme Banana Creme

I mixed water and the protein powder to a desired thickness. I don’t like mine too watery so it was only a tbsp or two of water.

Heat a skillet with a tsp of coconut oil. Cook pancakes on medium/low heat for a minute or two each side.

Eat hot or let cool and save for later!

The best protein and water pancakes. Quick, easy and simple! Tasted great although a bit dense in texture, which may bother some people.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Pancakes

The Peanut Butter Allmax IsoFlex protein was probably the best protein I’ve ever tasted AND it was an isolate, which is saying a lot. (Here is a great post by Mark’s Daily Apple about the difference between concentrate and isolate).

However, it did have peanuts and a few more ingredients than I would like in it so I will probably not get it again. But if you eat peanuts and love peanut butter, I would suggest you try this protein. (I may give another flavor a shot though as they have a variety!)

protein pancake recipe

1 egg
1 scoop protein powder
1 tbsp raw milk
Water to taste

Mix egg, protein, milk and water to desired consistency. Cook with 1 tsp coconut oil over medium/low heat. Cook about 1-2 minutes per side.

Seriously probably the most delicious protein pancakes EVER, but Reese’s are one of my favorite cheat day treats!

What is your favorite protein powder? Do you make any protein powder recipes?

NOTE: Best Price Nutrition did send me products for free to review. My review is brutally honestly and if you have any further questions about the products or supplements in general, let me know by email at

Stronger Than Yesterday

So yesterday I participated in a team mud run with a few clients from the gym.

One of the women I convinced to participate was super nervous…and I mean super nervous.

She kept saying, “I don’t want to get hurt. I don’t think I can do this. I’ve never done anything like this…”

But guess what!?!

She did it!

gladiator rock and run

Post run haha

She even said to me at the end that she had to work on certain things for NEXT TIME.


She had been so scared that I basically had to beg her to show up today and now she was talking about NEXT TIME.


While I was glad she had fun, I was even more excited that she had gained a new respect and confidence in her own abilities. She had done something outside her comfort zone and became more empowered because of it.

Very often, like in Patti’s case, we hold ourselves back. We tell ourselves we CAN’T do it so we don’t. We feel way more COMFORTABLE in the safe little realm we’ve built for ourselves.

We shy away from things that may leave us exposed and vulnerable – that may bring failure and defeat. Many of us fear failure and a blow to our ego more than we enjoy success.

But if we never risk failure, we will never truly know success.

Plain and simple.

Which is why I always push myself and those around me to push the boundaries of their comfort zone…

Just like Patti did.

Just like Patti has done since she started at the gym as an intimidated newbie because she didn’t want to end up like her aunt who was immobile and ill.

Patti, you are an inspiration to us all! Fifty three and looking sexy and strong!

Stress Eating – Healthy Munching!

So one of the most common excuses I hear about why people can’t lose weight is…

“Well, I eat when I’m stressed. I just can’t help it.”

It makes me want to laugh/cry.

Well I would love to eat when I’m stressed too, BUT I DON’T!

Ok but I do understand the lack of self-control and a desire for SOMETHING to comfort you after a long stressful day. And hopefully you can teach yourself to use other things as an outlet…A good workout, reading a book, sitting and chatting with a loved one.

But as you transition to better habits, or on those days when you really can’t resist eating to relieve your stress, that doesn’t mean you have to turn to BAD FOOD.

I have found what I consider to be one of the BEST SNACKS EVER – KALE CHIPS!

Let’s face it,  when we stress eat we consume unneeded calories that are really really bad for us.

BUT I have a snack that will keep you from destroying your diet even when you need to munch a bit when you are stressed.

Kale Chips


Olive Oil
Garlic Powder
Cayenne Pepper

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Wash and dry kale (make sure it is dry!). Tear into pieces and put it on the baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and spices. Bake in oven for about 10 minutes.


The good, the bad and the simply stupid

When I was doing my low-fat diet a few years ago, Ryan and I would watch Man vs. Food and plan out our next cheat. Our meals simply weren’t satisfying. We actually watched a ton of food shows or “food porn” as many of us call them.

Right now Jamie, Tucker, and baby Cooper! are watching Man vs. Food. They just showed a huge Cinnamon Roll and I have to say, my belly started hurting just looking at the 3 pound monstrosity. WOW! What a difference between my current diet and my previous low-fat one! I’m pretty much ALWAYS satisfied!

Welcome home baby Cooper! Congrats Jamie and Tucker!

The Good

  • You CAN eat pretty healthily even if you eat out. Here are a few of our quick and easy meals out since coming to Cali.

    Homemade corn tortilla tacos (steak shrimp, carnitas) and a protein style hamburger. LETTUCE BUN!

  • See I’m not the only one that claims you can eat healthy on a budget!
  • I also thought it was cool to see a number of recent articles and posts against vegetable oils and in favor of cooking with natural fats!
  • An interesting article especially for any trainers out there – what and how we can motivate people to exercise!

The Bad

  • Uhm seriously!?! We need to adopt a vegetarian diet or we will face a food shortage crisis!?! HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA!
  • So Statins really don’t have any benefit…Yet half of our nation is taking them….(This article is good…the whole fact that it even needs to be written is bad.)

The Simply Stupid

  • So Sunday night Ryan and I ate pizza for the first time in over two months. Right now we are living with cats and I’ve had problems with allergies and cats in the past. I haven’t had any trouble with allergies while I’ve eaten Primally. BUT Monday after the pizza, not only did I feel swollen, dehydrated and sick, I also had ALLERGIES. Of course a return to my version of Primal got rid of them quickly, but still the whole experience was eye-opening. The reason this whole story is under stupid is because many people are too lazy or stupid to go without gluten for any extended period of time and see if they feel better without it. I guarantee they will! Health issues they just accepted before, like allergies, may just go away!!!
  • READ THE INGREDIENT LABELS PEOPLE!!!!! Soybean oil and other crap is hidden in random products. You may have gone Primal, but if you are still eating some of these products laden with hidden gluten and vegetable oil, you may not be reaping all of the benefits! Check your spices even! Some may not be simply the herb or spice!

Farmers Market

So off course not everything is healthy at the farmers market.

There are people selling baked goods and chips and popcorn. But at least everything is fresh, local or homemade!

Ryan and me at the farmers market today with his dad.

Most of the food is from no further away than a few hours. And a lot of it, like the peaches, was literally just picked yesterday. No pesticides. No preservatives. Straight to from the farm to your table (or your belly if you are like me and want to eat it all right away).

I love the fact that everything is so fresh at the farmers market. I love that everything is local. I love that everything is grown without chemicals and evil farming practices. I love that everything is as natural as can be.

But most of all I love that everything tastes so darn good and is picked and sold exactly when it is in season.

In season….that isn’t really a word that concerns us much any more when it comes to foods.

I mean something is in season somewhere right? So we can always have it.

I do wonder though how much better off we’d be if we only ate foods that were in-season at that time. Granted it would stink depending on where you live, but still.

They do tend to taste a whole heck of a lot better when they are in-season and local. Just look at those peaches and strawberries. I can tell you for sure they are sweet and juicy and delicious!

What do you think? Do you try to eat fruits and veggies that are in-season? Or do you not care? And are you as obsessed with your local farmers market as I am?

Happy Saturday Man Bicepers! Sorry that I’ve been missing in action. Back to more regular posting this week!

The good, the bad and the simply stupid

So I want to start out by saying…I’m not sure if this article/interview about Paleo belongs under the good or the simply stupid.

Am I happy that the Paleo diet is getting more positive mainstream attention? Yes.

But really? Paleoista? Bleh!

The Good

So I mentioned the other day that I had Buffalo Flank Steak from The Meat House. The Meat House gets its supply from Wild Idea Buffalo Co. AMAZING! Grass-fed, free roaming buffalo! It was delicious, tender, juicy and HEALTHY! Plus the animal was raised in a natural way that actually helps keep the Great Plains healthy and thriving!

Here is a great article courtesy of Man Biceper Heather. If you haven’t already, make sure to check it out! This guy is spot on!

This post by Fit and Feminist also made me smile. Have I mentioned before that I hate Barbie weights?

What exercise is she even doing!?!

The Bad

So while I agree that how you “fuel” is very important to your performance (and health for that matter), eating a stupid, processed “chew” isn’t any better than all the crap shown all over the ground. Sorry Gatorade.

The Simply Stupid

Wearing skinny jeans that are too tight can cause health problems. My question is: How can you possibly get those jeans that are “too tight” on? Sometimes I have a hard enough time getting my non-skinny jeans on over my quads and butt!

Ok…those jeans are a bit too tight…

Suckers for a “Quick Fix”

DISCLAIMER: This post is kind of mean.

Seriously sometimes people are pathetic.

Dr. Oz calls Raspberry Ketones a fat-buster and “the number one miracle in a bottle” on his show and suddenly everyone goes out and buys them.

We are suckers for a quick fix. People go out and buy it because Dr. Oz says it works “miracles.”

Here's a quick fix for you...

They don’t even care that there are really no scientific studies substantiating this claim!

When I searched for studies this is basically what I came up with...

And here is a quote from the ABC News article linked above:

For now, the reputations of products like Raspberry Ketone Plus and Raspberry Ketone Ultra rest on anecdotes and two studies conducted on mice put on a high-fat diet. Japanese researchers reported in 2005 that raspberry ketone “prevents and improves obesity and fatty liver,” by boosting the breakup of fat cells. Korean researchers reported in 2010 that raspberry ketone increased fat cells’ secretion of a hormone called adiponectin that regulates the processing of sugars and fats in the blood.

Dr. Robert H. Lustig , a neuroendocrinologist and UC San Francisco pediatrics professor who is among top experts in the nation’s obesity epidemic, said that animal studies alone are insufficient for scientists to say how raspberry ketones work in people.

“Until there are human studies I won’t weigh in,” he said.

“People are willing to take chances. It’s amazing how many people look for a miracle instead of looking at what they’re eating and how much they’re moving and fixing whatever is broken,” said Mary Hartley, a registered dietitian and clinical nutritionist in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Who cares about studies though!?! I mean Dr. Oz says it works. And so does some trainer with a line of supplements, which includes raspberry ketones! I mean she wouldn’t just be promoting a product to make money, would she?

GEEZ! Seriously people!

You’d think by now people would be smart enough to resist the temptation of a “quick fix.”

But nope! Who wants to work hard!?!

Don’t Be Embarrassed

“I don’t like lifting weights on my own because I’m embarrassed.”

“I won’t do that exercise because it’s embarrassing.”

I’ve literally had clients refuse to do certain exercises because they deem them to be embarrassing.


For one, why do you care what anyone else thinks?

Two, if a trainer is having you do it, it is a worthwhile exercise! AND probably anyone who is watching you is thinking to themselves, “I should do that exercise. It looks hard!”

Three, do you really think people are more concerned with watching you than doing their own workouts?

AND FOUR, have you seen some of the DUMB things that people do that they think don’t look dumb?


Do you really think any of us look GOOD while working out?

HA! I most definitely don’t!

I look like a drowned rat. Or like I’m about to puke. Or both.

But aside from all of those reasons listed above…

Who really cares what anyone else thinks? You are there to get in a workout. To drip sweat, get out of breath and work as hard as you can. It isn’t a beauty pageant.

It’s what you do so that you can be healthy and beautiful and DO a beauty pageant. 😉

So next time you think about skipping the weight room floor or that exercise your trainer showed you, DON’T. Remind yourself of everything listed here. Or maybe just think about the fact that you should be more embarrassed by the fact that you were too chicken to do something you knew was good for you.

Up to you…I think I’ll just keep looking ridiculous…like a drowned rat about to puke.

Sparking Enthusiasm

The other day a client asked me about my workout routine and I got super excited to explain the new phase of my program.

My enthusiasm made her say, “You’re kind of a fitness nerd…aren’t you?”


Yea…I am!

You know those really annoying people who could talk about something every second of every day?

That’s me!

And I like to think that my enthusiasm is infectious. Actually, I know it is because enthusiasm in general is infectious.

Today, I was working with a new client who wanted to start lifting heavy. (YAY!) My excitement to work with her and her excitement to lift just made the entire meeting fly by.

But the most important part is that my love of lifting was passed on to her. She enjoyed the session so much that I know, that not only will she continue to lift heavy, but that she will also tell her friends that they should too!

Enthusiasm for women lifting heavy is infectious. I’m just doing everything I can to spread the love.

On that note, if you like the Man Bicep Facebook page AND like the comment/video that says “For every like, I’ll do a push up” Candy or I will actually do a push up! Check out the 7 push ups we’ve done already!

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