Do I cheat?

Holidays are usually full of partying and bad food. The question is, “Do you cheat or do you stick to your diet?”

Both can work. And frankly what I do depends on the holiday.

On holidays where BBQ is common, like Memorial Day, the fourth of July and Labor Day, I find it very easy to stick to my diet.

So I do.

BUT on holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Ryan or my birthday, I find it much harder to eat well.

I don’t believe in all of those tips to keep the fat off during the winter holiday seasons. I mean seriously…get a smaller plate so you don’t eat as much?!?!

I would much rather just eat badly with family on those days and then go right back to my diet afterwards. I would much rather eat super clean before the holidays and super clean afterwards than deprive myself of food in a social environment that has so much meaning for me.

I don’t like having feelings of deprivation. That is why I eat the diet that I do!

So if I think I’ll feel like I missed out, I indulge. A little indulgence one day could keep me from binge eating for the next week or so.

But it is really up to you. The question I always ask myself way in advance is, “Will I feel like I missed out enough to make me want to cheat for the entire week after or will I be satisfied eating well?”

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