Bridal Biceps

So some of you know this, but Ryan and I are engaged. We got engaged on April Fool’s Day…2011.

We’ve been engaged for over a year now and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been asked, “So when are you getting married!?!”

Well we’ve finally set a date…sort of…Fall 2013.

I feel like if I write this somewhere public it will force me to finally start planning and actually get my act together.

And honestly the thing I think I’m most excited about is planning a perfect diet and exercise program to help me survive this next year, meet all of my fitness goals and look my best on our big day. (Am I a fitness nerd….of course!)

While many women spend 6 months to a year planning out their wedding (heck some women have even planned the wedding before they’ve met the groom! :-)), few spend more than a few weeks really focused on their workout and exercise program.


As soon as I start the wedding planning, I’m going to start working on my Bridal Biceps. I’ll have a nutrition and workout program all laid out not only so that I look amazing on my big day but also so that I feel great and energized throughout the entire planning process!

So ladies if you would like to follow suit and really look and feel your best not only on your big day but throughout the entire process, I suggest you stay tuned for the Bridal Biceps page launching this week!

This is Jamie Eason’s wedding topper which I saw on Facebook…I was trying to link out but couldn’t soooo here it is…

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