Weight Training for RUNNERS

I saw these on Zazzle. I love the message, but please don’t run with weights…even little pastel Barbie ones…or for that matter even ankle or wrist ones….

It’s funny…I’ve gotten lots of comments from runners about how they won’t give up running, but that they do recognize the importance of weight training when it comes to looking good.

Weight training isn’t just the secret to a great physique though…It is also key to becoming a stronger runner!

As much as I am not a runner myself, I would never tell a client to give up running if they enjoy it (unless of course they are injured and need a break).

I get that you ENJOY running. I ENJOY lifting. I wouldn’t give up lifting for anything, but that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize the importance of occasionally doing some longer cardio sessions.

Both cardio AND lifting are essential to a beautiful physique and a STRONG BODY.

Just think about the issues that many runner’s suffer from. Everything from foot injuries up the leg to the hips and low back.

WEIGHT TRAINING and foam rolling for that matter can help prevent these injuries from occurring. If you release the knots from muscles that are tight and strengthen muscles that are weak, you could prevent injuries from occurring.

For example, if you suffer from runner’s knee, you may need to strengthen your quads to help your patella track correctly. You will also probably need to stretch your hamstrings to help correct the imbalance that is most likely there.

Weight training isn’t just good for anyone suffering from an injury. It is a good way to prevent an injury from ever occurring and helping your endurance and speed.

Strong muscles can go for longer. They can also go faster because they can generate more power.

Who doesn’t want to be able to run longer and go faster!?!

And while most long distance runners probably won’t be lifting for maximal strength (aka 1-5 reps) they can still lift heavy weights that challenge their muscles.

Kettlebell swings alone are a great exercise for runners. They strengthen your glutes and hips as well as your hamstrings. They help you generate power and can help build your strength and endurance. They help prevent some of those common running injuries that stem from weak hips and under-active glutes.

And that right there is just ONE exercise that could make a HUGE difference. Like kettlebell swings you can do deadlifts and even one leg deadlifts if you want the added benefit of having to stabilize to strengthen your ankles and knees.

Anyway the point is, lifting heavy weights could just be what you need to take your running to the next level.

Just running more miles sometimes isn’t enough. Sometimes logging more miles can just mean injury.

But weight lifting may be just what you need.

No need to give up what you love! Let weight training help keep you doing what you love with no injury setbacks! And shoot if it makes you even better at what you love, that doesn’t hurt either!

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