Pinterest Weddings

So Pinterest is great if you need inspiration for planning anything, even a wedding.

It also can provide you with inspiration to get in shape for your wedding.

BUT it can’t actually make you do it. And it can’t help you get results or stay on track.

However, a proper plan can!

First, set a goal and a target date. This date shouldn’t be the day of your wedding. It should be a few days before your final dress fitting.

If you don’t know how long you have to accomplish something, you won’t be able to set realistic goals OR set up a program that will lead you to success.

Once you set your long-term goal and have a clear timeframe in which to accomplish your goal, you need to break that goal down into short-term goals that will help you track your progress. An easy way to do this is to set target weights based on your dress fittings.

Now you have to figure out HOW to accomplish your goal.

Do some research and think about WHAT WORKS FOR YOU…Not what your friends say work or some magazine says is the key to success…Think about what works for you…And what DOESN’T work for you.

Do you enjoy working out at home more? Or will you not do the workout if you don’t have an appointment with someone and go out to a gym?

Do you need guidance or will you keep yourself dedicated and motivated?

Have you dieted and had success in the past? Or do you need diet recommendations?

There are some people who can go it alone and once they have a goal set will stay committed. However, there are also people out there that need some outside motivation.

The question is, which are you?

Once you know, pick a program.

In terms of workouts…Find an in home workout program that will help you reach your goals or meet with a trainer to have them design a personalized program for you.

Of course, I’m biased but I think that it is always best to have a program designed specifically for you. Even if you want to go it alone with the personalized program, getting something designed FOR YOU by someone trained in the fitness field may just help you reach your goals more quickly and efficiently.

No matter where you get your program, it should go through a progression. You shouldn’t just be going at 100% the entire time.

There should also be some weights, some slow long cardio and some short intense cardio intervals. You can’t ignore any of the pieces of the puzzle! Just running or doing cardio for hours won’t get you there!

HOWEVER, when picking out your own program or talking to a trainer, you also want to consider the types of activities that you enjoy doing. (If you enjoy running, don’t stop doing it, BUT do add in some strength training. It will not only make you look better on your wedding day, but it will also help your running!)

Don’t only consider your workout progression though, also think about how you will use your diet to reach your goals.

Read some of the great information out there about different diets and look at studies. Don’t just believe what mainstream media says!

At the beginning of your diet even experiment slightly, varying your diet. High carb, low carb. Gluten-free. High fat, lower fat. Vegetarian.

When you pinpoint something that has some success, stick with it. Develop good habits and stick with them. Then at points go a bit stricter.

You don’t want to deprive yourself. Yes there will be points during the months leading up to your wedding that you will want to be stricter about what you eat, but you never want to feel fully deprived.

Just like with your workout program, plan out a progression so that you are eating to promote great workouts while working toward your goal.

So now you have a timeframe, a long-term goal, short-term goals to check up on your progress and a clearly laid out program with a clear progression.

Now implement it! 🙂

If you need any help creating your own plan for your wedding (or any goal that you may have), let me know or contact a gym in your area.

If you happen to be anywhere near Costa Mesa, stop in to the gym I work at called Innovative Results.

Also, I’m going to start writing Bridal Transformation blogs for the site so if you want more help to get you ready for your wedding day, check them out!

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