Oh No! Thanksgiving makes you fat!

There are many different schools of thought when it comes to holiday eating.

And I’ve written about these different schools just about every holiday.

Let’s face it…You can either diet or binge eat on Thanksgiving.

And in my opinion, neither will make you fat.

What makes you fat is the fact that you decide to eat unhealthy foods from Halloween until New Years.

That is what makes you fat.

A single day of indulgement¬†(I can’t figure out if I made this word up or not) during the holidays isn’t the problem. It is the fact that you don’t just get right back on track once the day is over.

Yes there are leftovers. But you can make healthy dishes out of them. Or you can give them away to other people.

You don’t have to CHOOSE to continue to eat crap all the way until the New Year.

So stop freaking out about Thanksgiving! It is ONE DAY.

Worry about the fact that you’ve been stuffing your face since Halloween. Or the fact that if you don’t get back on track after Thanksgiving that you will start packing on the pounds!

So enjoy tomorrow! I know I will be!

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