1 minute workout

So today I had a nice group of family and friends come in for a post-Thanksgiving day workout.

They did some power ropes and blanket shakes. Some medball throws, sled pushes and even a little VersaClimber.

The workout ran about an hour and consisted of some nice interval training to get the blood pumping.

I then did my workout right after…besides the 15 minute warm up and foam rolling, my workout lasted all of 1 minute.

That’s right…1 minute.

And I’ve never wanted to throw up/pass out/fall on the ground and never get up so badly in my life.

What did I do?

300 feet on the VersaClimber in 1 minute.

Sitting now on my couch almost three hours later, my body still doesn’t feel right. But I must say that I’m as pretty darn pleased.

While I was so nervous I wanted to puke because not only was EVERYONE watching, but I knew how bad I was going to feel when I was done, I went for it.

At the beginning I was hauling….and then about 30 seconds in, I hit THE WALL.

I ran smack-dab face first into a solid brick wall.

I could hear it in everyones’ voices…I was slowing down. They didn’t think I was going to make it.

And then one of the other trainers at IR, Eddie, said something to me, which I can’t now remember, but it fired me up.

I was not going to fail.

A primal scream tore through my mind and I kicked into that next gear.

I made it.


Yea I know it says 1 minute and some seconds but the time doesn’t stop right when you get off even though the distance does. SOOOOO HA!

(Apparently everyone truly thought I wasn’t going to make it. Ryan’s dad even looked at Ryan and shook his head. I seemed down and out. But my newly learned mental toughness wouldn’t let me give up even when it seemed the odds were against me.)

They were all cheering as I fell off the machine and collapsed to the ground.

I’m pretty sure I started crying. And I have no real idea of what anyone said to me the next 20 minutes. I just know Corey (yes there is another trainer at the gym named Cori…the proper spelling…haha) came over and dragged me over to the bike to help my legs loosen up.

And I’m pretty sure I look like I’m about to throw up in all of the bootcamp photos we took (I can’t wait to see them).

But I did it.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of myself.

And I also don’t think I’ve ever felt so crappy.

P.S. I have to give a HUGE shout out to my mentor Aaron Guyett. I’ve become a better trainer and person because of all you have taught me over the last two months of training. Now on to the Kettlebell competition and 20 minutes on the Battling Ropes!

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  1. You have done work that you will never forget. You have made changes to your body and mind that cannot be reversed. This is transformation at its finest. Thank you for turning yourself into a machine/specimen/BEAST! You ain’t seen nothin yet.

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