Be your own role model

I feel like increasingly we search for motivation and inspiration outside of ourselves. We look to magazines and search Pinterest for Thinspo or Fitspo pictures to be good influences on us and get us to eat well and workout.

Stop looking for motivation and JUST DO IT!

I’ve found that the best way to stay motivated and inspired is to inspire myself.

I work to do my best day in and day out. I work to accomplish goals that push me to become a better me.

I strive to impress myself.

I want to prove to myself that I can be stronger, fitter or faster.

Each day that I work hard and each day that I accomplish something new, I become more committed and more motivated.

I BELIEVE more in myself.

That belief in myself is something that no picture or magazine or story of any other athlete can give me.

So while I do understand that pictures of our “role models” can keep us motivated when we want to walk to our fridge and eat something bad, they won’t keep you committed in the long run.

They won’t make you believe more in yourself.

When was the last time you looked at yourself and thought, “I’m a pretty freaking great role model for myself!”

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  1. I was reading an interview with one of the top female powerlifters in the world and she said basically that she doesn’t believe in “motivation” as much as she believes in setting goals and working toward achieving them. I liked that a lot because it’s so concrete and practical, whereas motivation can sometimes seem like a magical unicorn that only appears in the perfect conditions.

    • I agree. I guess in a way that is what I mean by being your own role model. It is actually accomplishing things and setting goals to keep yourself moving forward!

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