Get in shape for your wedding

So yesterday we went to a Bridal Expo to promote our gym and our Bridal Transformation Workbook, which is a year-long guide (workouts, diet tips, recipes and meal plans) to help brides look sexy on their big day.


I’m taking a picture like this in my dress.

We were at our little booth and were trying to get people to sign up for the free workbook when one of the trainers asks a group of girls, “Want to get in shape for your wedding?”

The bride of the group awkwardly laughed and made some comment about liking the way she looked.

Her response was definitely one of “well I’m thin so I’m fine!” It also maybe also had a hint of being offended that someone hinted that she would need to “get in shape.” (Even though he wasn’t hinting that at all.)

Another woman we approached responded “Well…round is a shape.” She too was saying, “I’m fine as I am and how dare you hint otherwise.”

The trainer meant no offense. He wasn’t saying the women were “out of shape.” But that is how they took it.

Which got me to thinking….Do many people not even start working toward being “in shape” or “healthier” because by working toward something like that they are hinting they aren’t already “perfect?” Are we scared to admit to ourselves that we have flaws?

Or are we scared to admit to ourselves that others may not think of us as perfect?

No one wants someone else to think that they need improvement even if we, ourselves, think we need improvement.

So someone telling saying to you, “Do you want to get in shape for your wedding” isn’t something we want to hear EVEN if we were planning on starting a program to look even better for our wedding!

Anyway, so then toward the end of the expo, I had a woman walk up to the table to look at the workbook.

She said, “Oh this is awesome!”

I said thank you.

And then she uttered something that made my jaw LITERALLY drop open…

She said,”This is for all those fat brides that want to fit into a smaller dress…huh?”

As I said…My jaw dropped open.

I laughed super awkwardly and said,”Well anyone can use it….I live by the tips in there.”

She gave me a slightly surprised look and gave me the once over.

And then I got mad.

That attitude is EXACTLY why many women were afraid to admit they were interested in the workbook.

I then said to the woman, “So don’t you want to look PERFECT on your wedding day? Don’t you want to look your best!?”

And she said, “Yes of course.”

So I said, “Then you want this workbook because it will give you a few tips to make you look your best! If you are spending time on the perfect dress, makeup and hair, why wouldn’t you make sure you do everything you can to look the best with all of the stuff you picked out!?! (I said this all very nicely even though I was slightly pissed off)

She then signed for the workbook.

I mean really…I just don’t get it. We will comment/criticize our arms or legs or butt or whatever, but then when we are faced with an opportunity to face it and change it, we shy away.

We spend time picking out the perfect dress, the perfect hairstyle, the perfect makeup because we want to LOOK PERFECT on our big day, but  run as far away as we can from one of the BEST ways to make us look spectacular AND FEEL CONFIDENT in how we look!

I don’t get it. Do we not like admitting our flaws? Is it that working out is just too “HARD” compared to the other fixes?

I mean really! Working out and eating well isn’t something you do just if you are “overweight!” It is something you do to FEEL GREAT, LOOK GREAT and BE HEALTHY!

Anyway, has anyone been offended by someone selling something by saying “get in shape?” Or have you offended someone by saying this?

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