A New Years Eve Reflection

WARNING: This post is sappy. You’ve been warned.

I think we all need to remember this heading in to this New Year!

I’ve written this blog for almost three years. And rarely a week goes by where I don’t get at least a couple of posts up because I love it so much.

I do it purely for the love.

Because I love health and fitness so much. Because I love all of you so much.

I actually got asked the other day what job I would do if money wasn’t an issue.

I didn’t even need to think about the answer.

Because I’m doing it.

I live, breathe, eat, sweat health and fitness.

I live, breathe, eat, sweat seeing other people realize their own potential.

Every day I want to share my passion with everyone I meet (Seriously, never get into a random conversation with me if you don’t want me to go on some health and fitness tangent because it will happen…Poor lady at the coffee shop who just said “Hello……”)

Every day, I hope to inspire, to educate, to help others grow to be stronger, fitter, healthier, MORE EMPOWERED than they could ever imagine.

And when I say all this, I’m by no means saying I’m selfless.

Far from it.

I’m just saying this is my passion.

And I get a lot in return.

While I help my clients, each of them teaches me something new. Each of them inspires me in return. Each of them touches and changes me. Each of them makes me better and stronger.

You’ve all touched me and taught me so much in 2013.

I only hope I’ve done the same.

We all now face a new year with infinite possibilities. We have the chance to learn, to grow, to inspire.

What are you going to do with your New Year?

P.S. Check back tomorrow for a chance to have me help you get started on your New Years Resolutions for FREE! Oh yea! Working with the Man Biceps! 😛 Ok…Sappiness is now complete.

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  1. Happy New Year! I LOVE your blog! So glad you post more frequently than I do 😉

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