CONTEST!!! – Let Me Help You Achieve Your New Years Resolutions


Today I would like to announce the official launch of Man Bicep’s Redefining Strength.

redefining strength deadlift

I mentioned yesterday that I’ve run Man Bicep for about 3 years now. And over that time, I’ve seen a number of different trends and run into a ton of different questions from clients and readers.

While I’ve tried to answer all the questions, all the desires on Man Bicep, there is only so much I can do from this platform.

Which is why I launched Redefining Strength. Redefining Strength provides everything I’ve been asked for over the years in one place.

On Redefining Strength, you will find a wealth of new content, including more blogs, The Workout Library, a Trigger Point Video Library, E-Books and even online personal training. (I have even more content to come soon too!)

In The Workout Library, there are 50 workouts. There are workouts you can do at home, at the park or at the gym. There are workouts you can do with bodyweight, sandbags, power wheels and suspension trainers. There are workouts for runners, cyclists, beginners and advanced exercisers.

Want even more workouts? Want 24/7 support to help you modify the workouts?

Then join The Elite Workout Library.

Want workout progressions, nutrition tips, goal setting guides and trigger point guides and videos?

Then check out Redefining Strength.

Want a program specifically designed to meet your needs and goals?

Then check out our Online Training.

Online training that you could get for FREE to help you get started on your New Years goals.

Interested? Check out the contest details below.


redefining strength

This contest will run from Jan. 1, 2014 till Jan. 8, 2014. Three winners will receive the prizes below:

The first place prize is 4 weeks of online training for FREE. This is a $200 value that can also be applied to Redefining Strength Products.

The second place prize is $100 off Online Training or any Redefining Strength Products.

And the third place prize is $50 off Online Training or any Redefining Strength Products.

To be entered to win, follow these two instructions:

1. Share on two social media sites and comment below with the sites you posted it to (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, LinkedIn…)

2. Comment below with your New Years Resolution.

And as an added bonus, during January, I’m offering all Man Bicep readers 25% off all products in my shop (use coupon code RSLAUNCH) as well as 50% off of The Elite Workout Library.

I hope you all check out Redefining Strength and enjoy the new site.

And don’t worry, Man Bicep isn’t going anywhere! You are stuck with me and my ramblings!!

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  1. I shared on Facebook and Pinterest! Some of my Resolutions for this year are to get back to a healthy relationship with food and do an unassisted pull up! Happy New Year!

  2. This is exciting!! My resolutions are to do an unassisted pull up and an run a half marathon!

  3. I shared on Facebook and on my blog, My goals are to learn how to apply the stuff I read into actual programming and PULL-UPS RAH!

  4. Congrats on the new site! I was just checking it out and it looks fantastic.

  5. Hi Cori! I shared on Facebook. I am determined to get back on track after a difficult 2013. I have continued to train with Nick but I really feel off the rest of diet and exercise. My mom was sick for 6 months and after she passed on I had the mad rush of insanity through the holidays. Now I am back on track I am trying to get to the gym everyday with a colleague. I am working on strength in my legs so I will be able to ride my bike to work in the spring. I still miss you always.

    • Aw Lois! Miss you too! Ok let’s talk about things. Do you have a my fitness pal? Want to friend me so we can chat about diet?

      Hope your Mom is better and that you are taking care of yourself. Love seeing your art on Facebook!

  6. Shared on Facebook & Pinterest!
    My new year resolution is to do an unassisted pull up!

  7. I posted on Facebook and Pinterest. Looking forward to getting back on track. Need more accountability and guidance in eating better.

  8. Better late than never! I posted on FB and Pinterest. New Year’s resolution is to be on time. Fitness: get stronger!!

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